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Support iOS gaming by donating to TouchArcade’s Patreon

If you’re a fan of iOS gaming you’ve probably visited (or should visit) TouchArcade, which just so happens to be the largest and oldest iOS gaming website on the Internet. Featuring news, reviews, guides, interviews, and one of the best iOS…Read more ›

YouTube Gaming aims to take a bite out of Twitch’s streaming game

Gamers aren’t turning to magazines — or even websites — as much as they used to. These days, you’re more likely to find them on YouTube or Twitch to watch Let’s Play videos, Minecraft machinima, or streaming League of Legends…Read more ›

Smartphones blow away traditional handheld gaming devices

Mobile games — especially those with a multiplayer component — are making more money than traditional handheld games, says a new report by mobile analytics agency, App Annie. The company partnered with the International Data Corporation to show the growth…Read more ›

3.1 billion deer died for Dominations to slay mobile gaming

Dominations is one my new favorite games on my iPhone; it combines the gameplay of Clash of Clans (build a city, attack other cities) along with a more historic approach. You’ll take your city from Bronze Age to the Space…Read more ›

4 amazing speedruns that put your gaming accomplishments to shame

If you’re a gamer, odds are you have a perfect run, high score or really impressive combo that you list among the highlights of your “career.” Personally, I TKO’d Mike Tyson in Punch-Out!! when I was 10 or 12, and…Read more ›

Apple II and Cinema Display combine to create a retro gaming heaven

If you grew up in the 80’s one of your earliest video gaming memories was probably playing Oregon Trail on an old Apple II or Macintosh, but you haven’t experienced Oregon Trail until you’ve played it on a 27-inch Apple…Read more ›

The Arduboy is the perfect credit card-size gaming backup for your iPhone

The iPhone is probably the best, most portable gaming device around. Even so, though, sometimes nostalgia kicks in, and you miss your old Gameboy. The Arduboy is a new credit card sized console that is just as portable as an…Read more ›

Turn off iOS 8 notifications for uninterrupted gaming

I’ve been playing Vainglory quite a bit lately, and the one thing that really distracts me and (when on my iPad 3) actually impacts my gameplay: notifications. They can make the game stutter, which wreaks havok on my ability to…Read more ›

How Apple could hide a gaming joystick in future iPhones

I’ve written on numerous occasions before about how we’re currently living through a golden age of iOS games, and apparently Apple agrees with me. According to a new patent application published today, Apple may be investigating the possibility of building…Read more ›

ICYMI: Build a hot gaming hackintosh on the cheap

This week, let’s build ourselves one hot gaming rig on the cheap. And, while we’re at it, let’s fix those annoying phone calls through to our Macs and iPads, check out a gift guide for cool creatives, and dirty secrets…Read more ›