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The fitness apps that gave me six-pack abs

I saw my six pack for the first time at the age of 40. Prior to that, my abs had been hidden behind a thick layer of fat that I’d built up over years of living a sedentary geek lifestyle.…Read more ›

Steve Jobs gave the iPhone its grand unveiling 8 years ago today

The iPhone has become such a major part of our existence, a piece of technology that we almost take for granted, that it’s difficult to remember a time when we were instead tapping away at our Moto Q, Palm Treo…Read more ›

Queer Apple customer says store gave him receipt with anti-gay message

Tim Cook has led Apple into the front of the LGBT-rights movement with company appearances at Gay Pride parades and Wall Street Journal op-eds demanding equal rights for gay workers, but according to one Apple Store customer in Portland, some…Read more ›

Steve Jobs hatred for AT&T almost gave everyone free Wi-Fi

When the original iPhone launched in 2007, the only thing worse than its abysmal camera was the cellular data provided by AT&T’s sluggish, outage-prone network. Even Steve Jobs thought AT&T’s data speeds sucked, and according to Re/Code’s Walt Mossberg, Jobs wanted to…Read more ›

Jony Ive Is So Obsessive He Gave iOS 7 Icons The Same Rounded Corners As The iMac


As the new Director of Human Interface, Jony Ive has gone from making beautifully beveled Macs, to redesigning iOS into a multi-layered Parallax operating system. By drawing from his deep well of hardware design brilliance, Jony brought a lot of his hardware philosophies to iOS, and the Messages app icon shows just how insanely detailed Jony can get.

As discovered by Brad Ellis, Jony made sure that the Messages icon’s corners  [Read More…]

Executive Testifies That Publishers Gave Amazon An Ultimatum After E-Book Deal With Apple

Interesting tag-line, really.

Interesting tag-line, really.

According to Russel Grandinetti, vice president for Kindle content at Amazon, publishers involved with the e-book anti-trust federal case told the Seattle-based retailer that unless Amazon agreed to their terms, it would have been barred from releasing e-books on the same day as print on Kindle, the wildly popular e-reader device that Amazon sells.

Grandinetti testified today that this ultimatum to switch to an agency model  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Created The Computer That Gave Us The World Wide Web

This is the NeXT Computer that Tim Berners-Lee used to create the world wide web.

This is the NeXT Computer that Tim Berners-Lee used to create the world wide web.

CERN has given us many things in our day, most notable among them recent proof of the existence of the so-called ‘God particle’, the Higgs Boston… one of the most elusive objects in particle physics. But like the Higgs Boson, most of CERN’s  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Once Gave This Guy A New Porsche For Selling Just 125 Macs


Steve Jobs wasn’t known as the most generous man in the world. While working at Atari, he recurited Wozniak to build a version of Pong in a weekend, then lied about how much money was involved and stole the majority of it from his best friend in the world. And when Pixar was just starting up, he’d fire people without any notice and without any severance.

There’s at least one guy  [Read More…]

Proof: Santa Gave The Good iPads, The Naughty Microsoft Surfaces For Christmas

The tablet wars in a nuthsell: of the tens of thousands of people who opened a tablet on Christmas morning, 7 times as many people got iPads than Kindles, 18 times as many people got iPads than a Google Nexus and 50 times as many people got an iPad as a Surface. Looks like Santa’s an Apple fan.

Source: Reddit

Hurricane Sandy Gave Navigation, News, Finance Apps A Massive Boost… But Not Weather?

Use of weather apps actually decreased during Hurricane Sandy.

When Hurricane Sandy left millions of people across the East Coast of the United States without electricity, portable, battery-powered devices like smartphones and tablets were all they had to rely on. Not only did they provide a means of entertainment, but they also allowed those affected by the storm to follow the latest news and weather information.

With that being the case, Sandy  [Read More…]