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Samsung Ripped Off Apple’s Original iPhone Ad For Galaxy Gear Launch [Video]

What’d Samsung ripoff from Apple this week? Well, you may have heard that the Galaxy Gear just dropped a few days ago. The reviews have been less than stellar, but to promote its smartwatch Samsung released a commercial that looks a whole lot similar to the very first iPhone commercial Apple dropped at the Oscars […]

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Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy Gear? Here’s What The Reviews Say [Roundup]

galaxy-gear-006-set1-front_sixSamsung’s Galaxy Gear has been on sale for a number of weeks now, but today the South Korean company lifted its embargo on reviews. If you’ve been trying to decide whether or not you should spend hundreds of dollars on one, then, now’s the time to find out. To make things a little easier for […]

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Lowepro’s Messenger 150 Bag Totes An iPad And Camera Gear [Review]

Looks smallish, holds a lot: Lowepro’s Event Messenger 150.

Gadgets! Camera bag crafters know that, these days, if you’re carrying photo stuffs, you’re likely also bringing some kind of computer, and other electronic knick-knacks, along for the ride.

Lowepro Event Messenger 150 by Lowepro Category: Backpacks Works With: DSLRs, lenses, iPads Price: $ 70

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New ‘Velocity’ Travel Gear From Pocket-Crazy, Aussie-Based STM


The fast-looking STM Impulse.

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again — simply because we enjoy repeating things: STM makes a %@$ # great bag. And they’ve just unveiled a revamp of their flagship bags in the form of a new family of gear they’re calling the Velocity Collection. Which is actually pretty damn apt for this line of fast, light, grab-and-go bags.

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Draw To Create Your Own Gear In This Side Scrolling Action RPG Game, Artizens [Kickstart This!]

Draw your own gear? Fight huge monsters? Yes, please.

Draw your own gear? Fight huge monsters? Yes, please.

Artizens is raising money on Kickstarter right now, and to judge by the funding activity, it looks like the Kickstarter community is as excited about the potential of this upcoming game as I am, as the project has already gathered over half of its $ 30,000 goal with 23 days to go.

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Discover Our Favorite Apps, Gear, Games, And Accessories Of 2012 On Our All-New CultCast

CultCast Christmas art courtesy of listener & UK-based iPad Artist Matthew Hall!

On this week’s CultCast, we’re ending the year with our favorite gear! Don’t miss our “End of Days, Faves ‘N Raves,” where pitch our favorite apps, accessories, games, even shows, of 2012.

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Ending Soon! The Awesome Design Bundle Will Kick Your Graphic Work Into High Gear [Deals]

If you’ve been looking to take your design work to a whole new level, we’ve got a deal here at Cult of Mac Deals that is right up your alley. The Awesome Design Bundle packs all the tools and templates you’ll need to kick your graphic work into high gear.

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On Trains, Planes, Or Automobiles, Airport International Keeps Your Camera Gear Safe [Review]

Think Tank International

The Think Tank International is ready for stow in a carry-on compartment near you.

A mere 6 months ago, I moved my glut of photography gear into a new, portable home: the Think Tank AirPort International Rolling Camera Bag ($ 350). Since then, I’ve been able to tote my equipment around easily, in style, but most importantly, packed snugly in a vault of total security.

I immediately loved it.

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iFixit Introduces Two New And Improved Toolkits For Taking Apart Your Apple Gear

If youve been itching to perform a DYI project on your favorite Apple gadget, then you want to check out iFixits new and improved toolkits. The companys 54 Bit Driver andPro Tech Base toolkits have been updated with new additions and improvements. Whether you need to take apart your Mac or iPhone, iFixit has given you the tools you need to get the job done. Both kits are highly portable  [Read More…]