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nyNoise, An Awesome Ambient Sound Generator For iPhone

Of all the ambient noise apps I’ve tried, myNoise is the best. Based on the well-regarded website of the same name, myNoise for iPhone is a “noise generator,” not just an app that plays recordings of rain and coffee shops.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Atom Bike Generator Powers Your iPhone

One of my bikes has a bottle dynamo that presses on the tire and powers the front lamp. The Siva Cycle Atom is a modern-day equivalent, only it won’t rub away your tire or slow you down, and it’ll charge your gadgets instead of just running your lights.

The Atom, another Kickstarter project, attaches to the axle of your rear wheel and turns the wheel;s movement into electricity. It  [Read More…]

Photography Assignment Generator Has The Brains But Not The Looks [Review]

Got a camera, but not got a clue what to shoot?

If you’ve explored all the creative possibilities offered by Instagram’s built-in filters, and people have stopped commenting on the pictures you upload to Facebook, maybe the time has come to push yourself a little further. Photo Assignment Generator for iOS can help you with that.

The aim is to boost your photographic creativity a little, and give you that little  [Read More…]

ECOXPOWER Bike Hub Generator Charges Your iPhone As You Ride

Keep your iPhone fresh as you pedal.



If you want to power your bike’s lights and charge your iPhone as you pedal, you should have specced a dynamo hub when you got the wheels built. But either you were too cheap (like me) or couldn’t see the point. Don’t worry! There’s hope for both of us in the form or the ECOXPOWER generator, an aftermarket power and lighting system for your bike.

  [Read More…]