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Legendary iPhone Hacker Geohot About To Release New iPhone App Called Reactions

Geohot is back with a new app.

Geohot is back with a new app.

George Hotz is known to his legions of online fans as “geohot,” the infamous hacker who was the first to unlock the iPhone and crack the Sony PS3. Hotz has been flying under the radar lately, but he’s about to make his first foray into the App Store with a new iPhone app.

The app is called Reactions, and  [Read More…]

Infamous iPhone Hacker Geohot Arrested For Marijuana Possession In Texas Speed Trap

It’s hard to believe a clean cut, law abiding youth like this would smoke marijuana, isn’t it?

You only need to look at the bloodshot eyes, crunchy appearance and tossled hair of famed PS3 and iPhone hacker George “geohot” Hotz to realize that this is a mind which works best when jerkied in the cannabinoid vapours inhaled from a tightly packed magic jaybone. He’s a viper from birth, and we  [Read More…]

Geohot Done With Facebook, Spotted at Backplane Hackathon

Last June Facebook hired notable iPhone and playstation hacker Geohot (George Hotz) and buried the young talent deep within their offices far, far away from the Jailbreak community. Well, Geohot is done with Facebook, and back to hacking, well the legal kind. Business Insider caught up with Geohot at a Backplane hackathon where the talented hacker introduced himself as the guy who got sued by Sony. Geohot’s settled the notable legal battle with Sony over  [Read More…]

Welcome Back Geohot to Jailbreak iOS Devices

Welcome back Geohot, here is the one of the best news in our jailbreak history you are going to hear it, few monthes age the greatest hacker George Hotz worked at Facebook, today Geohot is leaving Facebook and Now a Full-Time Hacker. Ok guys for those who don’t know George Hotz: he is the first guy who make a jailbreak for the iPhone and PlayStation too, he made two popular jailbreak tools which  [Read More…]

Infamous iPhone Hacker Geohot Is Back In The Game (And Working For Lady Gaga)

  You may or may not be familiar with George Hotz, a.k.a “Geohot.” Whether you know his name or not, Hotz’s influence as a hacker is monumental. He unlocked the iPhone for the first time back in 2008, and was responsible for several of the early iOS jailbreaks. His exploits have haunted Apple for years, and he was recently sued by Sony for jailbreaking the PlayStation 3. Hotz was hired by Facebook last summer to presumably work on the social  [Read More…]

New Update For iPad 2 Jailbreak Between Greenpois0n & Geohot

As we previously know that there is more than hacker is trying now to jailbreak the most difficult device iPad 2, there is already a competition between Greenpois0n and Geohot developer (P0sixninja) to dump iPad 2, on the other side here’s Comex of iPhone dev team is working on his userland exploit to jailbreak iPad 2 too. The updates regarding iPad 2 jailbreak come today from iPhone dev team side, check it out after the jump.[Read More…]

Geohot Accepts The Challenge To Jailbreak iPad 2

Ahh, those crazy hackers. They like nothing more than a bit of competition mixed in with their late nights and Mountain Dew. It appears some new-old competition just joined the race to dump the iPad 2′s bootrom.

The hacker currently working on the feat, P0sixninja, tweeted that after he asked for more competition from his peers, the newly famous Geohot has accepted the challenge.

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iPad 2 Jailbreak Between Greenpois0n And Geohot Challenge

The challenge increased to it’s peak between greenpois0n and geohot which make Geohot back to jailbreak scene. For who don’t know, George Hotz [aka Geohot] is a well known and very talented Hacker, Geohot is also the hacker behind Limera1n and Blackra1n jailbreaks, he also was able to jailbreak PlayStation 3. Now a challenge is being held between p0sixninja -the hacker behind Greenpois0n– to dump iPad 2 (A5) bootrom.So far, threre’s no jailbreak available for iPad 2,  [Read More…]

What Geohot Said Against PSN Hacking

I’m not crazy to hack PlayStation Network. Here’s what Geohot said regarding the floating rumors that he was the responsible for what happened to PSN.  Check out the full message after the jump. Geohot said: To start, I sure am glad I don’t have a PSN account about now. And, as a onetime victim of identity theft, I feel for everyone who’s data has been stolen. I’m not going to make cracks at Sony for flipping  [Read More…]

Geohot Donates $10,000 to EFF

Geohot has take a pretty respectable decision, Geohot donated the remaining amount of money which he had collected via donations from people helped him for fighting against Sony to EFF.Geohot said:As promised, all left over legal defense money, plus a little to bump it to a nice number, has been sent to the EFF. Thank you all so much for your support, without it, things could have been much worse.This money goes to the EFF in hopes that America can one  [Read More…]