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Serious or funny – what kind of film will Citizen George become?

Citizen George is slated to be a full-length independent film about a director who creates a hugely popular space opera film trilogy (read, George Lucas and Star Wars), only to end up releasing disappointing film prequels 20 years later. So…Read more ›

Tim Cook to give 2015 commencement address at George Washington University

On May 17th, Tim Cook will be giving the commencement address to the 2015 graduating class of George Washington University. It will be the Apple CEO’s first time giving such a speech, and he will also be awarded a honorary…Read more ›

The Franklin Tote is the George Clooney of bags

This is Waterfield’s Franklin Tote and I l-l-love it. It’s an open-topped leather bag with hand/shoulder straps and a bunch of pockets inside and out, and it’s just about the most practical daily carry-around I’ve ever used. Does is replace…Read more ›

iPad Inspires George Bush’s Surprisingly Weird Art

All the down time must get painfully boring after serving as the most powerful man in the world for eight years, which is how former George W. Bush somehow tumbled into painting. Bush just picked up a brush two years…Read more ›

Incases Pathway Bags Are As Ruggedly Handsome As George Clooney



If you were to ask me what my ideal Christmas morning looked like, then the photograph above is a pretty good answer. I have a thing for bags, cases and sleeves of all kinds, and these leather and cotton twill Pathway bags from Incase make for a compelling range. The only problem is choosing which one you want.

The cases and bags run from $ 60 for the sleeve up to  [Read More…]

George Harrisons Guitars App For iPad Is A Fish On The Sand [Review]

The Guitar Collection: George Harrison, is a multimedia tour of the former Beatles’ iconic guitars

A new app for the iPad, The Guitar Collection:George Harrison, is rather like a little pocket book of the former Beatles most famous axes. It featuresthe history, pics, guitar model specifications, and historic photographic images of the iconic instruments. But unlike a book, its a multimedia feast full of 3D models, music clips, and videos  [Read More…]

George Clooney And Noah Wyle Are In A Hollywood Showdown To Play Steve Jobs In Upcoming Biopic [Report]

If I told you that Pirates of Silicon Valley star Noah Wyle was set to return to the screen as Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic based upon Walter Isaacsons best-selling biography, youd probably say, Great Choice! After all, Wyle was great as Steve. The role fits him. It would be wonderful to see him settle back into it over a decade later, and finish the arc. Now, what if  [Read More…]

Use Your iPhone To Play With Real Legos With Life Of George

Following the news that Disney is introducing a series of iPad games that interact with physical toys, Lego is also introducing its next generation of games with the Life of George iPhone app. The game consists of classic Lego bricks, a free iPhone app, and a mat that basically acts as a green screen. The player tries to create the image shown on the iPhone app in Legos on the mat  [Read More…]

Famous iPhone And PlayStation 3 Hacker George Hotz Spotted Coding At iOSDevCamp [PICTURE]

George Hotz, who was famous for unlocking the very first iPhone back in 2007, and remained active within the iOS hacking community ever since, was spotted at iOSDevCamp on Saturday. iOSDevCamp If youre not aware, iOSDevCamp is a developer-oriented conference about iOS geared towards developers of the platform, set up to encourage collaborative development, where the vast majority of the time spent is dedicated to showing off code developed by attendants. As a  [Read More…]

A Student Of George Mason University In US Makes $50,000 Per Year By Jailbreaking iPhones

While no much easier than the 30 or 40 step processes of yesteryear, jailbreaking is still a little daunting for the layman. With so many different tools, for different operating systems and based on different versions of iOS, the jailbreak scene can be a veritable minefield for people who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. This is where college student Kevin Lee comes in.

Currently at George Mason University in the US,  [Read More…]