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This time on The CultCast: hipsters have beards installed; the mysterious life of Timothy Cook; exciting rumors around the new Jobs movie; Mavericks 10.9.2’s features and fixes; why you should install iOS 7.0.6 like, right now; Netflix pays off Comcast;… Read more ›     

Although Google bought social mapping service Waze in June of last year, the iOS app is still getting impressive new updates. The latest? Waze for iOS has just gained Calendar integration. It might not seem useful at first glance, but… Read more ›     

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified gets three new expansion packs for the Mac version of the game this week, available on the Mac App Store and Steam. The new packs–Hangar 6 R&D, CodeBreakers and the Light Plasma Pistol–bring new content and… Read more ›     

GT Advanced Technologies Inc. shares received a nice boost on Tuesday, on the back of reports that Apple will use the company’s sapphire glass for its next generation iPhone cover. GT shares posted a new 52-week high of $ 12.72, while… Read more ›     

Remember Photosmith? Yes, it’s the excellent iPad app that hooks up to your Mac’s Lightroom collection and lets you rate, reject, tag and manage your photo library from the comfort of your couch. That’s the promise, anyway. In practice, it… Read more ›     

One of our favorite games, FTL, is getting a massive update, plus an iPad version. That’s pretty darn exciting. The update includes new advanced weaponry, new systems and subsystems, new drones and equipment, new music, and new story content. Best… Read more ›     

Cult of Mac has long had a thing for standup desks – for years, publisher Leander Kahney has written posts great and small at an Ikea kitchen table propped up on canisters. His DIY version outlines the basic problem: a… Read more ›     

Readability Gets Background Updates, iOS 7 Styling

Readability, the oft-overlooked but competent rival to Instapaper and Pocket, has reached v2.0, and added an iOS 7 makeover, plus a few neat new features. Readability lets you save an article to read later, just like Pocket and Instapaper, saving… Read more ›     

5by Is A Video Discovery App That Gets To Know You

Called 5by, StumbleUpon’s new iOS app is designed to let users, well, stumble upon videos that might be of interest to them. 5by is basically a video concierge service that sifts through the mountains of videos available online, and creates… Read more ›     

Today Apple released a slew of updates to its iWork productivity suite. On the web, iWork for iCloud has received an iOS 7-like makeover in every aspect except the editing interface. Browsing for documents on iCloud.com now looks more like… Read more ›