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Apple is teaming with other tech giants for financial lobbying

Apple, Amazon and Google aren’t exactly techie BFFs, as can be seen from that whole Android vs. iOS thing, or Amazon’s recent decision to boot Apple TV out of its online store. But you know what can bring the heads of all three companies together? Let’s try a quick pop-quiz. A) Team-building paintball trip. B) Romantic candlelit dinner. C) […]

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Silicon Valley giants take Samsung’s side in legal battle against Apple

A number of Silicon Valley technology giants have backed Samsung in its legal battle against Apple. Documents confirm Dell, eBay, Facebook, Google, and HP all took the South Korean company’s side in a “friend of the court” brief on July 1.…Read more ›

Android M vs. iOS 9: A battle of the giants

Google I/O and WWDC have been and gone, and Google and Apple have laid out the plans for their next major platform updates — Android M and iOS 9. Now that we’ve had a chance to let those announcements sink in, it’s…Read more ›

Giants gobble tiny humans in first Attack on Titan trailer

Attack on Titan, the cult-hit in ink (manga) and on the small screen (anime), is getting a live-action treatment this summer. The good news is that the feature film is hitting Japan on August 1 and Australia and New Zealand…Read more ›

Apple and other tech giants defend tax avoidance Down Under

Apple was among 12 tech companies — also including Google and Microsoft — which appeared in front of an Australian parliamentary hearing on Wednesday to defend their corporate tax structures in the country. Apple has previously stood accused of shifting close to $ 8.1 billion…Read more ›

Apple and other tech giants will pay $415m to settle anti-poaching case

It’s been a long hard slog for all involved but the 64,000-person class action anti-poaching lawsuit brought against four major tech companies, including Apple, is finally over. The companies — which also included Google, Intel, and Adobe — reportedly agreed…Read more ›

Apple spends less than Google and other tech giants on lobbying fees

Apple may be out-earning its rivals, but there’s one place it’s lagging behind: political lobbying. While companies like Google and Facebook continued to pour millions of dollars into influencing U.S. lawmakers to have legislation written in their favor during Q3,…Read more ›

Apple And Other Tech Giants Will Run National Print Ad Demanding NSA Reforms

Since revelations of NSA eavesdropping surfaced earlier this year with the Edward Snowden leaks, Apple has been at the forefront of a tech company push-back demanding reforms. The company is joining a number of other industry giant — including Google,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Among Few Tech Giants Paying Fair Corporate Taxes [Report]

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Dont look for the Occupy movement to picket Apple. The iPhone maker is among just a few tech companies paying their fair share of corporate taxes. According to a report released Thursday, Apple paid a 31 percent tax rate. By comparison, the likes of HP, Yahoo and Amazon.com appeared to have paid less than half the 35 percent corporate rate or  [Read More…]