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How to Search and Send GIFs with Messages in iOS 10

The new Messages app in iOS 10 includes an animated GIF search feature which allows you to search for and send GIFs to any recipient, whether they have an iPhone with iMessage or not. Embedded GIF search is just one of the many new fun and quirky Message features included in the latest versions of … Read More

Make Animated GIFs from Movies in Mac OS X with Drag & Drop Ease

Creating animated GIFs out of a movie file or or video usually requires a bit of effort, but now you can convert a movie into an animated GIF on a Mac with drag and drop simplicity, thanks to the aptly named Drop to GIF. Drop to GIF is a free app for Mac OS X … Read More

25 GIFs of every scene in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

The newest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was finally unveiled tonight, and it absolutely blew us away. Twitter and the rest of the Internet is freaking out over the J.J. Abrams directed movie that will hit theaters on December 17th. Tickets for the new Star Wars went on sale and we can’t wait […]

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How to turn Live Photos into shareable GIFs

The iPhone 6s’ new Live Photos feature created an new format of media, but there’s one major problem with the new moving pictures: you have to own an iPhone 6s to own. Most of your friends probably haven’t upgraded yet, which means those cool Live Photos you’ve snapped are only viewable by you. However, there […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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How to annoy your Facebook friends with GIFs

Facebook and GIFs seem like they’ve both been fixtures of the Internet forever, but it has taken until 2015 for the two to finally hookup. Starting today, Facebook users can annoy friends with the most amazing GIFs the web has…Read more ›

The 10 best Cult of Mac GIFs of 2014

We love GIFs here at Cult of Mac and 2014 did not disappoint in providing us with twelve months worth of hypnotic images that deserve to be watched, over and over and over. We already highlighted the most GIF-able moments…Read more ›

How to create killer GIFs on your Mac in 60 seconds

I love GIFs. As far as I’m concerned, they’re the greatest gift God ever bestowed upon the Internet. iOS 8 has made communicating solely through GIFs easier than ever thanks to third-party keyboards, and while most Mac users think making them requires Photoshop…Read more ›

CloudApp 3.0 is the easiest way to make GIFs on the Mac

CloudApp touts itself as your “clipboard in the cloud,” and today it received a major update. In case you’re unfamiliar, CloudApp is a menubar app for the Mac that can upload just about anything copied to your clipboard with a…Read more ›

Ultratext is the easiest way to create and share fun GIFs on the iPhone

I only recently got into the world of animated GIF memes, and that’s mainly thanks to a group of friends that like to inundate my iMessage with random stuff 24/7. Like any good millennial, I have some of my favorite GIFs…Read more ›

How to Make Animated GIFs on iPhone Easily with GifMill

Animated GIFs are little moving images and they can be a lot of fun, particularly since they can be sent and received playing through iMessages to other iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. While the iOS Camera is packed with plenty of features and can take pictures or video, it’s lacking an ability to create animated … Read More