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Give Your Mac A Checkup With xScan [Deals]

CoM - Xscan

Your Mac is a finely tuned, intricate machine. Just like a car, every aspect of your Mac plays a crucial role in its overall performance. This Cult of Mac Deals offer is for an app that will help keep your Mac running in tip-top shape. That’s because we’re featuring xScan – the same software many professionals use to diagnose technical issues with Mac operating systems.

xScan has been specifically designed  [Read More…]

Shaq Begged Steve Jobs To Give Him An iPhone Before It Came Out, But Got Shot Down


NBA hoops legend, Shaquille O’Neal – or as his friends call him, ‘Shaq’ – is used to dominating foes on the basketball court, but when he went up against Steve Jobs he got a heavy dose of his own medicine.

The Big Artistotle has come out of the closet. He’s a geek. In fact, he says he was a geek before geeks were cool. Back when the original iPhone was announced, Shaqtus  [Read More…]

This Is The Early iPad Prototype That Made Steve Jobs Give Us The iPhone


As the story goes, before the iPhone was even a glimmer in Steve Jobs’s eye, Jonny Ive came to him with a prototype for a tablet based on some new touchscreen technology he was working on. Steve Jobs took one look at it, and said it was the future, but “let’s make a phone with it first.” And that’s how the iPhone was born.

Now, an early prototype of a very iPad-ish  [Read More…]

Judge Orders Apple To Give Up Documents In Privacy Lawsuit

Is Samsung clutching at straws?

Under no circumstance does Apple want to part with its company secrets. Even when it’s been ordered to do so by a U.S. Judge.

Apple must show in detail how it’s complying with a court order to turn over evidence related to its privacy lawsuit, because U.S. Judge Grewal says he can no longer rely on what Apple tells him in the case.

Apple’s been accused in the lawsuit  [Read More…]

How To Give Your iPhone A Working Smart Cover, Just Like The iPad

The iPhone finally gets a working Smart Cover.

We’re huge fans of the new SurfacePad case from TwelveSouth. It’s just like a Smart Cover, with just one drawback: it doesn’t turn your iPhone on and off automatically when you open it or close it.

We hated that, so we figured out a way to turn the SurfacePad, or any other wallet-style iPhone case, into a working Smart Cover just like the iPad has. The hack doesn’t  [Read More…]

Leaked Images Possibly Give Our First Look At Retina iPad Mini

Although these leaked images should be taken with a huge grain of salt, multiple photos purporting to be the rear aluminum shell of the second-generation iPad mini have leaked online, showing the next mini to be slightly thicker than the existing model… highly suggestive of the next iPad mini having a Retina display.

The photos originally come from Chinese site WeiPhone, and while unverified, the site has had some success in the past with component leaks.

There’s not a  [Read More…]

Take That, EE! Three U.K. Will Give Customers 4G Access At No Additional Cost


EE launched the United Kingdom’s first 4G LTE network back in October 2012, and with it came some pretty expensive price plans; the carrier has certainly been taking advantage of the fact that it has the U.K.’s only 4G network. But that approach is going to be spoiled by rival carrier Three.

Already the cheapest of all the U.K.’s major providers, Three is looking to maintain its position by promising its customers  [Read More…]

Tim Cook Ordered To Give Deposition In Antitrust Case Over ‘No-Hire’ Agreements


Apple CEO Tim Cook must provide a deposition in a lawsuit that claims the Cupertino company, along with other major firms in Silicon Valley, violated antitrust rules by entering into an agreement not to recruit each other’s employees. Apple’s lawyer, George Riley, had objected to the order handed out by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, on Thursday.

Other companies included in the lawsuit include Google, Intel, Adobe, Walt  [Read More…]

Touchfire Wants To Give You A Full Keyboard Typing Experience On An iPad Mini [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – When Steve Jobs first unveiled the 9.7 inch iPad back in 2010, he made a specific point of telling how many endless hours, how many prototypes had been rejected determining the perfect size for an onscreen keyboard. 9.7 inches, he claimed, was the minimum device that you could accurately and comfortable type on. Any smaller tablet, he  [Read More…]

Give Any Website Or Blog A Professional Touch With Picturesque [Deals]

It’s almost 2013. High-quality web and blog design are no longer a luxury – they’re a necessity.

Picturesque is an awesome little app – and the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer. This app will improve any web design by adding some serious sizzle to your images. Drag and drop images onto Picturesque & choose from 5 tasteful effects. It’s that easy. And it’s only $ 5 for a limited time!

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