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Give your Apple Watch a facelift with watchOS 2

I was so excited to have a color screen on my Apple Watch when I picked the Sport up this past April. When I went through all the watch faces, though, I was rather underwhelmed; really, you have a bright, high-resolution monitor on your wrist and all you can do is put a moving moth […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Here’s how Apple plans to give stores a next-gen makeover

Memphis will be one of the first cities in the U.S. to get a ‘next generation’ Apple Store, as part of Apple’s big retail revamp that’s expected to start later this year. Apple has applied for a $ 1.5 million building permit for a new storefront and interior renovation at 2031 West St, according to a […][Read More…]

Apple and Cisco team up to give iOS a biz boost

As part of its ongoing effort to penetrate the enterprise market, Apple announced today that it is partnering with Cisco to create fast lanes for iOS business users that use Cisco networking hardware. Apple revealed the new partnership this morning, detailing how Cisco’s enterprise environments will provide a unique experience for iOS devices and apps […][Read More…]

5 affordable ways to give back-to-school an upgrade for 2015 [Deals]

School’s changed a lot in recent years, as technology keeps creeping into every aspect of learning along with our lives. Time to get with the times — whether it’s keeping your cash and cell phone in one place, getting a bag that can charge your devices while you walk, or a cyber-secured lock for your […][Read More…]

Save up to 97% on 5 certification bundles to give your skillset and resume a boost [Deals]

As the job market gets tougher, your resumé had better be doing the same. To help give you the edge in getting an interview, we’ve collected five certification courses that’ll maximize your marketability, all going for a fraction of the usual price. From learning the ins and outs of servers, to the secrets of wall […][Read More…]

Vintage Apple radio spots give customers the hard sell

No-one does ads with more consistent high quality than Apple. That’s why it’s kind of fun to go back to a time when getting the word out about new products was less about pushing out a sleek new video on YouTube and more about radio spots designed to give potential customers the hard sell. Stephen […][Read More…]

Give your retina MacBook the stylish cable manager it deserves

Despite launching a few months ago, the new MacBook hasn’t gotten a tremendous amount of love from accessory makers so far. Above the Fray, a company based in Thailand, noticed a glaring omission for a 12-inch MacBook cable manager so…Read more ›

Apple’s ‘Back to School’ promo will give Mac buyers free Beats headphones

Apple has launched its “Back to School” promotion for 2015, and this year’s is… kinda “meh” to be honest. Instead of the gift cards Apple offered in 2014 and 2013, this year students who buy a new Mac will be…Read more ›

Cusby adapters give you the building blocks to adjust to USB-C

You can’t stop staring at the new 12-inch MacBook, especially the gold one. It’s lighter and smaller and while it has all the computing power of your suddenly-bulkier model, you’re not sure about life with a single USB-C port. A…Read more ›

Give your iPhone the MagSafe adapter it’s always dreamed of

When Apple created the MagSafe adapter for its highly desirable line of MacBooks back in 2006, the world changed. Gone were the days of tripping over your power adapter cord and pulling your entire MacBook down onto a cold, uncaring…Read more ›