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Apple given full marks in new data privacy report

Apple is one of nine different companies to be given the full five stars in this year’s “Who Has Your Back?” report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). “This is Apple’s fifth year in the report, and it has adopted… Read more ›

With Kanye West’s astute analysis of Apple’s business, his close friendship with Steve Wozniak, and his unabashed love for “Jony Ives” (sic), Tim Cook must count his lucky stars every day that he managed to scoop the role of Apple CEO out… Read more ›


The Washington Post has reported that the NSA has created a $ 20 million spy program called PRISM, that has been allowed to directly access citizens’ private data on Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple servers – the company joined the program in that order as well..

Both Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple have all denied any involvement in the PRISM program, however, the Washington Post’s story alleges that the  [Read More…]

Apple has just reissued the OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 supplemental update for late-2012 Macs, including the 21.5-inch new iMac and Mac mini, as well as the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. There aren’t any reasons given for the original retraction of the update, and no noticeable changes in the list of fixes that are included in it.

The most recently released Mac mini shipped from Apple with OS X 10.8.1, but was  [Read More…]

So long, Open Feint, we hardly knew ye.

Launched in February of 2009, OpenFeint was the first useful leader board and multiplayer matching service for iOS games. It was originally developed by Jason Citron’s Aurora Feint development team, and went on to become an SDK that iOS, and later Android, developers could include in their mobile games without having to build their own multiplayer, leader board, or achievement system.

In 2011, social gaming company GREE purchased OpenFeint for  [Read More…]

When Apple’s annual capital expediters report for fiscal 2012 was released, it was discovered that Apple spent $ 10.3 billion when they had only planned to spend about $ 8 billion. The discrepancy in the huge change from Apple’s original forecast left some wondering what that $ 2.3 billion went to.

If one analyst is correct, that $ 2 billion may have gone to Sharp to help bail them out of their financial problems, and  [Read More…]

Apple has emailed developers about an in-app purchasing flaw in iOS 5.

It was recently discovered that a Russian hacker had been hijacking Apple’s iOS in-app purchasing system to score paid upgrades for free. The trick was accomplished by bypassing Apple’s authentication servers and routing an in-app purchase through a proxy that sent back a faulty purchase receipt.

While Apple has already attempted to combat this activity, today the company outlined a solution  [Read More…]

Apple Given Go-Ahead to Sell 3G iPad 2 in China

Image courtesy of iLounge on Flickr

Apple has finally been granted certification to sell its 3G iPad 2 in mainland China, according to The Wall Street Journal. Up until now, the Cupertino company has only been able to offer its Wi-Fi only tablet, but it now has the ‘network access license’ needed to sell the 3G-capable device. The Wall Street Journal reports: According to China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center, a device by Apple  [Read More…]

Delta Pilots Given iPads As Electronic Flight Bags

Following the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to allow airlines to use tablets as electronic flight bags, Delta has become the first airline to issue iPads to its pilots for in-flight access to equipment manuals, flight charts, and Wi-Fi. The roll-out will begin with 22 pilots initially, who will replace their heavy flight bags, typically weighing around 40 pounds, with Apple’s 1.6 pound tablet. According to TechCrunch, Delta hopes that the device  [Read More…]

After a hard day’s work, I like to sit in front of the TV and stick my feet up my a hot cup of tea and a copy of the day’s paper. Other Brits feel the need for something a little more exciting, such as looting electrical stores for anything they can sell on the black market and torching whatever’s left. Thankfully, Apple’s iconic glass-fronted retail stores should come to no harm, as  [Read More…]