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In Ghana, the global problem of e-waste has local consequences

Consumers have a nasty habit of throwing out their electronics as soon as newer, shinier models become available, and they rarely ever do so properly. Nearly 42 million tons of e-waste — everything from microwaves and electric shavers to washing machines, laptops, cellphones, TVs and computer monitors — entered the global garbage stream in 2014, according to […]

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Get the MMOVE Bluetooth stereo earbuds for 34% off with free global shipping [Deals]

When it comes to choosing headphones for our workouts, we ask for a lot — comfort, durability and great sound. Sometimes we find a pair that delivers on all fronts, like these wireless Bluetooth earbuds by MMOVE. Now’s your chance…Read more ›

Take your internet anywhere and save 50% on the MiFi 2 Unlocked Global Hotspot [Deals]

Though there are many places that offer WiFi, the signal can often be unreliable, which renders your connection spotty at best. And, even if you do find a hotspot, you never know just how secure it is. Now you can…Read more ›

The great global iPhone 6 sit-in begins!

It’s a mere 24 hours and change before Apple retail stores open their reservation system and doors to allow the hordes of adoring Apple faithful to pony up a bunch of cash for the privilege of walking out with an…Read more ›

iOS and Android completely dominate the global smartphone market

In the smartphone race there are only two players: iOS and Android. That fact is clear in IDC’s new report for worldwide smartphone shipments for the second quarter. Combined, iOS and Android account for a whopping 96.4% of global smartphone…Read more ›

iOS grabs 67 percent of the global enterprise market

Apple may have just forged a partnership with its old nemesis to penetrate deeper into enterprise, but according to one report, iOS is still king among U.S. corporations and accounts for over two thirds of total activations, while Microsoft’s productivity…Read more ›

Facebook’s new Slingshot app goes global

Slingshot, Facebook’s new Snapchat competitor, has today been made available internationally on Android and iOS. The free service, which first made its debut in the U.S. last week, allows users to send “shots” containing pictures or videos to each other — but…Read more ›

Forget Mobile Payments, Gold iPhones Are The New Global Currency

The money side of Apple is nothing out of the ordinary for anyone who follows investor news and views. The idea, however, that Apple products — specifically the iPhone — may be considered a form of hard currency in themselves…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Drowning Launches Its First Global In-Game Cooperative Event, The Toxic Beast Hunt

IMG_0242Last week, The Drowning released on iOS to mixed reviews, many of which echoed our own. Most reviewers praised Scattered Entertainment’s control scheme but panned the gameplay itself as shallow and repetitive. The game has been doing well, however, hitting the top five most downloaded free apps list on iPhone in 16 countries, and the […]

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Apple Moves Up To 19 In Fortune Global 500 Survey

apple-sign-logo-234Apple has moved up to number 19 in the latest Fortune Global 500 survey thanks to its financial performance throughout 2012, which saw the Cupertino company collect $157 billion in revenue. The iPhone 5 and the iPad mini have been credited for its success over the past 12 months. Apple was ranked number 55 in […]

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