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Captivating globe shows world’s most tweeted emoji in real-time

There are a number of way to track emoji use on Twitter but this globe of real-time emoji tweeted across the world has me so spellbound I can’t look away. Good thing too, because unlike EmojiTracker, it won’t cause a seizure. Created… Read more ›

It’s Coming! iPhone 5s Hopefuls Queue Up Around The Globe [Gallery]

IFC Mall Hong KongIn case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the iPhone 5s goes on sale tomorrow around the globe. We’ve been watching the lines start to form via the magic of the internet, keeping an eye on Twitter and Instagram, for starters. As you get in line tonight, and tomorrow morning, feel free […]

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Turn iOS Maps into a Virtual Globe by Zooming Out

View Maps in Globe View

Sometimes looking at a flat map view just isn’t what you’re looking for, but with Apple Maps you can now view the entire world map as a nice round globe too. You’ll need to have Maps view set in either Hybrid or Satellite mode to be able to see the globe view, that can be done by tapping the page curl in the corner then selecting either one,  [Read More…]