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Official Gmail App for iPhone and iPad Released

Gmail for iPhone

Google has released an official native Gmail app for iOS that runs beautifully on the iPhone and iPad. The app is free and has all the features you�d expect in a mail client, including notifications, threaded messages, Gmails priority inbox feature, inbox search, easy photo uploading, and a great split screen view for the iPad. The official feature list:

With the Gmail app, you can: ? Receive notification badges  [Read More…]

Google ‘On the Verge’ of Launching ‘Fantastic’ Native Gmail App for iPhone

The App Store is yet to offer any third-party email clients, but that�s all about to change thanks to Google. The company is reportedly �on the verge� of launching a �fantastic� Gmail app for the iPhone that may have already been submitted to Apple for approval, according to sources.

TechCrunch�s M.G. Siegler has been informed by multiple sources that a native Gmail application for the iPhone is on its way, and  [Read More…]

Gmail Web App Gets Pull to Refresh, Retina Display UI on iPhone

Google�s Gmail web app for the iPhone delivers a nice new update this morning that makes it even more iPhone-friendly, introducing the iOS trademark pull to refresh function, and an enhanced interface.

Refreshing your inbox is now a lot more natural to iPhone users with the pull to refresh feature that was first introduced to the iPhone with the�Tweetie Twitter client � which seems to have become an iOS trademark feature, making  [Read More…]

Gmail Motion Turned From Joke To Reality, Thanks To Kinect [Video]

We’re actually surprised it took someone this long, but just 24 hours after Google’s brilliant Gmail Motion April Fools joke appeared, it’s been turned into reality.


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