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VR iPhone case is virtually a reality after hitting Kickstarter goal

A nifty iPhone case-turned-VR headset has passed its $ 75,000 Kickstarter funding goal in just one week — promising users a snap-on virtual reality solution for their Apple handset for the low price of just $ 55 for early backers. And, despite the goal having been hit, there’s still time if you want to hop on this […]

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Go for goal with these World Cup essentials

The supermarkets are already full of Brazil-related plastic junk, and even folks who only watch football once every four years are getting excited. Why? It’s World Cup time, of course! Here we have a selection of apps and gadgets, clothes…Read more ›

iblazr Rockets Past Its Funding Goal, Now Offers Free Diffuser [Kickstarter]

iblazr-diffuser  The Ukrainian folks behind the iblazr, a little four-LED accessory flash that plugs into an iDevice’s 3.5mm jack, have almost doubled their $50K Kickstarter goal and now offer something new: a diffuser, included free with the flash. My colleague Charlie Sorrel wasn’t overly enthused with the iblazr when he wrote about it earlier this […]

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Goal Zero Builds a Tent with Rooftop Solar Panels and an iPhone-Charging Lantern

goal-zero-katabatic-2  You know how camping is all about roughing it and rusticity? Forget it. Goal Zero teamed up with Eddie Bauer to design a solar-powered tent. The Katabatic 2 — we presume, as with most tents, the numeral indicates how any people it sleeps — is designed to support one of Goal Zero’s large, weather-resistant, […]

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Goal Zero And AT&T Install Solar Charging Stations In New York

I play the street life Because there’s no place I can go Street life It’s the only life I know Street life And there’s a thousand cards to play Street life Until you play your life away

So go the lyrics to Randy Crawford’s fantastic Street Life, which is not – as far as I know – the official song of AT&T and Goal Zero’s new “collabo” Street Charge.

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Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Charger Is Small, Tough And Just Powerful Enough [Review]

Unobtrusive, and with more hooks and loops than a roller-coaster full of pirates.

Switch 8 by Goal Zero Category: Solar Chargers Works With: Anything with a USB port Price: $ 99

As travel chargers go, The Goal Zero Switch 8 kit is about as convenient as it gets. The two panels fold into one easy-to-carry pack, and on the back is a zippered mesh bag in which the battery pack and USB converter  [Read More…]

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Hits Kickstarter Goal, Coming To iPad

Little Red Riding Hood. You sure are lookin' good.

Little Red Riding Hood. You sure are lookin’ good.

We told you about Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, the new hack-n-loot game from American McGee’s Spicy Horse Studios that got greenlit on Steam just a while back. The game has now hit its Kickstarter goal of 200,000, so the team has posted some news about its plans for the game in the coming months.

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Meriwether, a Lewis And Clark RPG, Funded On Kickstarter, Looking For Stretch Goal Donations


It’s not often that you get to say something like “Lewis and Clark RPG,” right? Not Lois and Clark, but LEWIS and Clark, the famous explorers from American history, who did a whole lot of exploring, have a trail named after them, and will always be associated with Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who traveled with them to serve as guide and translator.

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