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How to set personal fitness goals with Apple Watch

Apple Watch gives you three goals: standing, moving and exercise. But these aren’t really goals. They are actually more like targets. A real goal is something you want to achieve — an outcome you have in mind that is so important, it motivates you into action. Starting a fitness program without this kind of goal […]

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How to crush your fitness goals with Apple Watch

Around the world, Apple Watch is helping people make life-changing improvements to their health and fitness. I recently asked Cult of Mac readers to share their experiences getting in shape with Apple Watch, and the response has been amazing. Here are some of the inspiring stories I received — and some great insights into how […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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WebMD update lets you stay on top of your fitness goals

With the announcement of its Health app (and associated API) for iOS 8, Apple is making no secret of its plans to enter the health and fitness-tracking market. Capitalizing on this hype, WebMD has just updated its flagship iOS app…Read more ›

Ulysses III Update: Goals, Styles, Plus Many, Many Tweaks

Straight outta Leipzig comes the latest update to the Soulmen’s Ulysses III, the writers’ text editor for the Mac. As ever with Soulmen updates, the fact that this is a “mere” point update shouldn’t fool you. Ulysses III 1.2 is…Read more ›

Measure Your Fitness Goals With The Bluetooth-Connected Wireless Body Scale [Deals]

If you made a New Year’s resolution to start hitting the gym, eat better, or improve your overall health, this Bluetooth-capable body scale is the perfect way to track your progress. This sleek, futuristic-looking scale does more than just tell…Read more ›    

Simple Bank Brings Smart “Goals” Budgeting To Beautiful iPhone App

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 5.48.48 PM

Simple, a great bank I’ve been using for the past several months, has brought its “Goals” budgeting feature to the iPhone. If you haven’t checked out Simple as a banking alternative yet, then go do that now because it will entice you. The whole service is exquisitely designed on web and mobile, and the customer support is top notch (there’s an open ticket to chat  [Read More…]