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For gamers who would rather relive the classic days of 2-D platformers, the forthcoming Android and iOS title Venture Kid looks a sight to behold. With an obvious debt to the Mega Man series, and graphics straight out of the… Read more ›     

Love Clear, the slick iPhone to-do app? So do we. But if you’ve never tried Clear before — or if you bought Clear+ and want the minus version without paying for it — you’ll soon be able to download it,… Read more ›     

The Magazine is a Newsstand periodical that publishes five articles every other week. Created by Marco Arment, it is now owned and run by Glenn Fleishman, a veteran journalist who also writes for The Economist and elsewhere. As the first… Read more ›     

Today the Chinese site C Technology published a report saying that Apple’s rumored iWatch is coming next October and will have wireless charging. C Technology has gotten stuff wrong about Apple in the past, but it has also leaked parts for… Read more ›     

Thinking of making the jump between platforms? Well, Google chairman Eric Schmidt is happy to ease the transition — publishing a 900-word guide on “Converting to Android from iPhone”.   “Many of my iPhone friends are converting to Android,” Schmidt… Read more ›     

Woah! Gold iPhones Going For $1,800 on eBay

The gold iPhone 5s is going for $1,800 on eBayThe gold iPhone 5s is in very short supply. Apple has already sold out, and is unlikely to get them in volume for weeks to come. They are hard to come by. Many of Apple’s flagship stores received only a few units while many stores had none. The rarity is reflected on eBay. there are […]

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iphone5Cebay  We’re only two weeks away from the official unveiling of the iPhone 5C, but some eBay geniuses scammers are trying to make some quick Gs off desperate Apple fans hungry for a prototype scoop. An eBay listing for a genuine iPhone 5C Rear Shell started out at $20 but has quickly received bids for […]

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Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.00.00 AMIf you use Luxogram, or Webstagram, or any other Instagram compatible app, prepare yourself for the possibility of some change. Instagram has started approaching app developers and services, telling them that if they have “Insta-” or “-gram” in their names that they can expect to have their access to the Instagram stream cut off. This […]

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No outlet? No problem.

Travelers, campers, heavy users, and those who spend a lot of time away from outlets know when you rely on your iPhone for work or play, it’s not making it through the day without at least one partial recharge. Especially with all the hip Vining and Instagramming we’re all do these days.

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Apple just sidestepped a $ 9.2 billion tax bill by financing part of a $ 55 billion stock buyback with debt rather than using its offshore cash. The sneaky trick means the U.S. government is unable to bill the Cupertino company for tax on the deal, which is said to be the “the biggest corporate offering on record,” according to Bloomberg.

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