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MacOS Catalina 10.15 Golden Master Released

Apple has released MacOS Catalina 10.15 GM Seed to users enrolled in the beta testing program. The GM seed carries build 19A582a and arrives just a few days after the 10th beta version was released for testing. Golden Master, abbreviated as GM, typically represents the final version of software that will be released to the … Read More

Relive the golden days of gaming with the SNES on your iPhone [Deals]

For those who grew up with it, the Super Nintendo represents all that’s right and good about gaming. The feel of that classic gray controller, with its signature purple push buttons, is enough to take anybody back to better days, and the SNES30 proves it. A 1:1 replica design with brand new features like Bluetooth […]

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Golden Globes loves Steve Jobs even if nobody else does

It may not have done well at the box office, but Steve Jobs is poised to make a huge splash this award season. The film picked up four Golden Globe nominations when the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the candidates this morning. The association loved the Aaron Sorkin flick so much they made it the […]

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Eddy Cue is a baller with Apple Watch and Golden State Warriors championship ring

It’s no secret that Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue is a massive basketball fan, with an office full of Duke memorabilia, and sightings at various NBA games over the years. Which probably explains why he looks quite as ecstatically happy as he does to be rocking a Golden State Warriors’ championship ring in a new […]

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Mozilla missed a golden opportunity with Firefox for iOS

It’s been a long ride, but Mozilla confirmed that Firefox is in fact almost ready for its official launch on iPhone and iPad. The company announced a limited release of the browser in the New Zealand App Store. It’s appreciable that Firefox is finally hopping on board with iOS, but at this point it seems Mozilla is far too […]

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Shanghai company creates a golden Steve Jobs bust to inspire its workers

Steve Jobs passed away almost four years ago, and people are still unveiling tributes to Apple’s late co-founder. The latest is from a Shanghai company which has created a gold bust of Jobs to greet employees as they sign in…Read more ›

Exciting images from ‘Golden Age of Auto Design’ we almost didn’t get to see

The concept artists who envisioned the future of the automobile created edgy, forward-thinking illustrations knowing their works might never be seen — and would likely get destroyed. But some of the forward-looking art created during Detroit’s “Golden Age of Automotive…Read more ›

Relive the hideous ‘golden age’ of Internet discovery

Watching almost anybody explain technology can be torturous. But watching talking heads and fresh-faced kids from the ’90s rave about the wonders of the Internet — the miraculous “information superhighway” that was about to change life on Earth — is…Read more ›

TSMC will likely get golden ticket as Apple’s main A9 chip supplier

The iPhone 6 has barely been on the market for three months but the iPhone 6S rumor mill is starting to heat up with a battle brewing between Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) and Samsung to become the main supplier…Read more ›

Cyberpunk iPad game brings back golden age of role-playing

My team slid in under cover of night over at Harfeld Manor, an easy run into a low-security data vault that my old shadowrunner pal Monica promised would be an easy in and out. It wasn’t, of course, but it…Read more ›