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Apple’s flip-flop on game controllers for Apple TV might be bad news for developers, but it’s great news for gamers. It’s a virtual guarantee that all games will work better out of the box when running on the refreshed Apple TV, which will have its own App Store for the first time. While the company […]

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Sleep machine promises a good SNOOZ

Maybe the problem with your sleep is the noise. You actually might need a little. A startup called SNOOZ has developed a white noise machine based on the premise that quiet rooms make our hearing acuter. The breeze-like sound coming from its machine will provide a gentle buffer between you and sudden startling sounds. Can’t […]

This giant octopus is a sucker for good TV host

Who knew watching a guy get a bunch of hickeys would make interesting television? When the affection comes from a giant Pacific octopus, you can’t help but be a little jealous of Matt Baker, a presenter for the BBC’s new Big Blue Live series. Baker, feeling a bit jet-lagged after flying from England to the […]

Verizon Wireless announced today that it’s killing subsidized phones for good, and will streamline its data offerings to just four plans. New subscribers will no longer have the option to get their iPhone subsidized when signing up for two-year contract, starting on August 13th. In order to get a new iPhone on Verizon, you’ll now have […]

Samsung’s VP of Marketing does a pretty good Job(s)

Samsung has been mercilessly copying Apple’s software, hardware, and marketing for years, but the most unoriginal company in tech has taken its copycat ways to an all new level by ripping off Steve Jobs’ signature look now too. In a recent promotional headshot for his upcoming appearance at the DMEXCO conference in Germany, Samsung VP […]

Good Samaritan returns lost iPhone for military widow

A Marine widow has had her stolen iPhone returned to her after revealing that it contained the text message and photos from her late husband, who was killed in a helicopter crash in Nepal. “This is probably the happiest I’ve been in the last three months,” said Haley Johnson after she recovered the handset. Johnson’s […]

The good and the bad of Apple Watch’s waterproofing

A new report suggests that the Apple Watch’s maker has sold its wearable short when it comes to its performance in water. Developer Craig Hockenberry says that the wearable works (mostly) fine in liquid and knows because he swims with… Read more ›

Law enforcement has a love-hate relationship with the iPhone. Features like Activation Lock have helped crack down on smartphone thefts, but there’s always the lurking threat of someone asking Siri about 9/11 and accidentally dialling 911 in the process. The… Read more ›

Opening a new Apple product for the first time is pretty close to a holy experience. Part of that is because Apple spends so much time perfecting product packaging so it’s simple, elegant and secure without compromising on intuitiveness. However, it’s… Read more ›

Google made it even easier to select images photos in its new Google Photos app by giving users a simple drag gesture. It works so well, in fact, that Apple stole it for iOS 9. In the new iOS 9 beta, selecting multiple… Read more ›