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For at least the last year, rumor has had it that Facebook would soon require anyone who wished to message a friend through its official iPhone app to install a tertiary app, Facebook Messenger, instead. Up until now, Facebook has… Read more ›

With iOS 7, Apple already has the best anti-theft software protection of any smartphone in the business. If you lose your iPhone, or it’s stolen, you can easily use Find My iPhone to see where it’s last reported coordinates are,… Read more ›

  Samsung isn’t expected to announce its earnings for Q4 2014 until early July, but the company is already trying to manage expectations with investors weeks before the bad news comes that it bombed. Samsung’s CFO Lee Sang-hoon made a rare… Read more ›

With summertime here in the northern hemisphere, it’s definitely time to get outdoors and sample all that the world has to offer. Of course, if Steam or GoG.com have anything to say about it, you’ll stay inside working on your… Read more ›

Good vibrations: KOR-FX vest puts you into the game

LOS ANGELES — Drop this tactical-style vest onto your shoulders and fasten it high on your chest, and you’re suddenly feeling the action. Using audio-based haptic technology (the kind of rumbling vibrations that you’ll find in any video gaming controller),… Read more ›

Woz was just too damn good at Tetris

Before fingers throbbed from marathon Candy Crush sagas; before Flappy Birds zoomed across iPad screens from Palo Alto to Manila, there was Tetris and Stephen Gary Wozniak was its king. 30 years ago today, a Russian programmer named Alexey Leonidovich… Read more ›

SAN FRANCISCO — At Apple’s WWDC developer conference, there are talks about interface design, writing code and fixing bugs. Across the street at indie spinoff AltConf, the talks are concerned with spying on users and making choices between good and… Read more ›

New comedy web series Spooked is scary good

When the walls and pottery starts shaking in spooky ways, newlyweds Donna Johnson and Carol-Anne decide to call the Paranormal Investigation Team, or P.I.T. This ragtag team of ghost busters, led by Connor, the lovelorn managing director, must prove themselves… Read more ›

I’m writing this review on a regular, full-size USB keyboard plugged into the Mac. That should be a warning sign right there — after all, this is a review of an iPad keyboard case. But that’s not the whole story.… Read more ›

With a brand new motion picture releasing in theaters soon, the hype for Godzilla has returned. Try your hand at creating chaos in the new app Godzilla – Smash3 as you swipe matching colored tiles to make Godzilla strike the… Read more ›