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iOS puzzle game Quadrantic: goofy name, fun concept

Whether you play it fast or slow, Quadrantic might become your new puzzling obsession. The newly released game, which is available for a mere $ 0.99, takes the time-honored puzzle-game tradition of arranging things in groups of three and throws in some strategy and a surprisingly intense timed mode just to keep things interesting. But the […]

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Pro Tip: Get your dog in on the selfie act with this goofy attachment

Trying to get your canine BFF to look at your iPhone to capture the loving bond between the two of you is difficult, if not downright impossible. Luckily, this new attachment for your iPhone or other smartphone, called the Pooch Selfie (because of course it is), is going to the dogs. Funded at a crazy […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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4 Goofy April Fools Day Pranks to Play on Mac Users

It’s April Fools Day, that means the internet is full of useless stuff and just about everything should be doubted. But rather than feed you BS, we’ll show you how you can contribute to some general tomfoolery by pranking your friends, family, and coworkers with some fun and harmless little Mac pranks. Ready to goof … Read More

Make Your Own Goofy Sports Gifs With Updated Yahoo! Sports

The Yahoo! Sports app just received an update, bringing the interface more in line with iOS 7. The company also added a new feature to the app–Loops–which will let you and thousands of other sports fans create short animated gif-like…

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