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Google has already confirmed plans to experiment with its own wireless services to “show what’s possible,” and we know it’s going to be limited in its reach. So limited, in fact, that you might need Google’s own Nexus 6 smartphone to connect… Read more ›

Google-owned robotics firm Boston Dynamics is no stranger to creating robotic beasts that can do freakish feats, but their latest robotic quadruped — a 160 lbs dog-like machine named Spot — takes the crazy factor to an all new level… Read more ›

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is the anti-Apple. He’s square where Apple is cool, he’s a sputtering doofus where Apple is collected, and he’s prone to hyperbole where as Apple tends to undersell its products: for example, in 2013, Schmidt said… Read more ›

Google and Motorola went all out with the Nexus 6 to make it as good as flagship rivals from other manufacturers, but their super-sized handset could have been even better. The device was set to get a fingerprint scanner, according… Read more ›

If you’re looking for something to do with today’s public holiday, here’s an idea: why not seize the opportunity to buy a Google Glass headset, knowing that this could be your last chance to ever do so? That’s right —… Read more ›

iPhone 6 tops Google’s 2014 tech search trends

Google’s ‘Year in Search’ report was released this morning providing an insight into what’s on the mind of world’s internet users, and when it comes to technology, the iPhone 6 was the most popular tech search of 2014. The Apple… Read more ›

Google’s iOS app gets an Android-like makeover

First debuted with Android L, Material Design is Google’s new in-house unified design ethos, Material Design. Boiled down, it’s a series of UI/UX tricks that makes Google’s web properties not feel unified with one another, but like digital paper, folding… Read more ›

Google’s new Inbox app is a godsend for people like me who seem to teeter on the brink of inbox bankruptcy weekly, but there’s one problem with the killer Gmail manager: it’s not only available on iOS, Chrome, and Android.… Read more ›

New York’s Times Square is about to get one of the world’s largest advertising video screen billboards — and Google is its debut customer. The screen is an epic eight stories high, runs an entire block, and is made up… Read more ›

Google’s co-founder Larry Page partook in a wide-ranging interview with the Financial Times, published Friday. Among other topics, he talks about Google’s oppository approach to business compared to Apple — epitomized by a story about Steve Jobs. “He would always… Read more ›