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Although Google bought social mapping service Waze in June of last year, the iOS app is still getting impressive new updates. The latest? Waze for iOS has just gained Calendar integration. It might not seem useful at first glance, but… Read more ›     

  Google bought a tiny Israeli startup today called SlickLogin. The three-person, two-month-old company has an interesting technology that replaces passwords. The terms were not disclosed. The acquisition is a tiny victory for people who believe in sound as a… Read more ›     

Love Star Trek but cringe every time William Shatner opens his mouth? Google’s new method for customizing video could allow you to mute Captain Kirk’s melodramatic monologues, skip scenes in which the character appears, or even change the channel every… Read more ›     

Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson ruffled some fanboys’ feathers earlier this month when he said Google is outpacing Apple on the innovation front. Pointing to the Nest acquisition as evidence, Isaacson says the greatest innovation is coming out of Google.… Read more ›     

If you’re anything like this writer, one of the main impediments making you think twice about purchasing a Google Glass headset is the fact that you already wear prescription glasses. To solve this problem, Google has now unveiled its long-awaited… Read more ›     

Finger prick testing could soon be a thing of the past for people with diabetes, thanks to new smart contact lenses being developed by Google that measure glucose levels in your tears. The lenses have tiny chips and LEDs embedded… Read more ›     

The iPhone has already been named Yahoo’s top ranked search in tech for the year, and now Google has released its top 10 searches for 2013. It’s no surprise that the iPhone was part of the list, coming in at… Read more ›     

What’s Holding Back Google’s iPhone-Killer?

Google is in the smartphone business, obviously. But are they in it to win it, or just f**king around? Sometimes I wonder. Google is obviously a visionary company with incredible technology and the capacity to build some of the greatest…

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Why You Might Want Your Face in Google’s Ads

Everybody is outraged — OUTRAGED! — that Google will soon start using their names and faces in advertising. The pundits are screaming bloody murder over the move, suggesting that Google is now as bad as Facebook. The more constructive critics are scrambling to give instructions for opting out. But all this gnashing of teeth and […]

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Google’s Smartwatch Won’t Be a Smartwatch

googlesmartwatchBetween now and Christmas, we’re going to see a flood of new smartwatches hitting the market, and I have the feeling that Google’s rumored smartwatch will be one of them. Google is working on a smartwatch. But what kind of watch? In the wake of revelations that Google bought WiMM Labs, it’s looking like Google’s […]

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