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Last Chance To Get $644 Worth Of Great Mac Software For $29 From MacHeist

The MacHeist Bundle (affiliate link)gets you amazing software for an amazing price, and benefits charity as well. Also? It’s over at midnight tonight.

That means you have enough time to purchase the bundle and still pre-order your iPad mini.

The MacHeist bundle gets you great productivity software like Evernote Premium, research and writing software like Scrivener, utilities like DiskTools Pro, and some great Mac games, like Bioshock 2,  [Read More…]

BodyGuardz Lyrics Premium Earbuds: Great Comfort At A Great Price

We have another pair of BodyGuardz earbuds for you check out today—Premium Lyrics Earbuds From BodyGuardz (Black): The Precision-Crafted Surfaces Will Make You Forget They Are Even in Your Ears—I mean it's not like there is any other news or anything, right?

These earbuds are supposed to be so light and comfortable that you will either a) forget you have them on (I've done that, which is why my MacBook Pro headphone jack is  [Read More…]

The 2012 iPod Touch: A Great Pocket Computer For Kids [Review]

The first thing you notice about the 2012 fifth-generation iPod touch is how beautifully it’s made. Crazy thin, ridiculously light, yet sturdy as a slab of slate.

The fit and finish are extraordinary. There are no seams, screws, gaps, cracks or openings. It’s literally seamless. The buttons look like they’re part of the iPod’s case, not nubbins that poke through. Who makes stuff this good? Oh yeah, Apple.

Other reviews have  [Read More…]

MacHeist 4 Bundle Software Detailed, Will Give 25% Of Proceeds To Charity And You A Great Deal

The MacHeist folks have thrown the covers off to reveal all the Mac software that you’ll get if you purchase the latest bundle for $ 29. In addition to this insanely good deal on some fantastic software, you’ll be gifting a charity of your choice (from a list provided at the site) with 25% of the proceeds. If all 1.5 million MacHeist members end up purchasing the bundle, that’s a lot  [Read More…]

Pick Up A Great iPhone 5 Case And Support A Great Cause [Deals]

For all you lucky sots who have an iPhone 5 already, I bet you’re still looking for a great case (or maybe alternate cases). Here’s a great looking case, but with a little twist—Style Up Your iPhone 5 With The #CLEANSLATE Case (Black): Keep Your iPhone 5 Safe With This Sleek Case.

This case doesn’t just protect your iPhone, it helps kids in Kenya have better schools.

Sure the features  [Read More…]

Mac Setups: Simple Desk with a Great Apple Collection

Minimal MacBook Pro and iPad desk setup

The relatively simple Apple setup of Adrian B. is a bit of a contrast from some of the more decked out Mac setups we’ve shown lately, but that doesn’t make it any less functional, plus he’s got a great collection of Apple stuff that goes along with it. Hardware shown in the desk setup includes:

Macbook Pro (2010) – 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2  [Read More…]

It’s Back And It’s Still Great: Crazy Taxi For iOS [Review]

It’s back! Crrrrrrazy Taxi!

Going down a storm on the App Store this week is the brand new version of Crazy Taxi from Sega. Yes, it’s just like Crazy Taxi you used to play a decade ago. And that’s a good thing.

For those of you who’ve never played Crazy Taxi, the rules are mercifully simple. You are the taxi driver, and you task is to pick up passengers and drive  [Read More…]

Productivity Bundle 11 Great Apps, Themes, & Graphics [Deals]

Need to round out your app toolkit? New a few new WP themes? How about some graphic elements for projects? Oh yes, it Productivity bundle time and we have another fantastic value pack for you—The Mac Productivity Bundle 2.0: Get 11 Best Selling Mac Apps & Design Goodies For One Shockingly Low Price.

Remember, picking up bundles isn’t about needing all the apps, but needing a few of the apps or  [Read More…]

Get These Five Great Mac Games For Under $15

It’s the weekend–time to relax, chill out, play some video games. You know, the usual. We checked out the new Mac Game Store app today to see what was on special, and found a ton of great games for $ 15 and less. Here they are, all available from the new Mac Game Store app or website. All of these are great games (except that sixth one, but it’s great for  [Read More…]

Jumsofts New Clipart Package For iWork And iBooks Author Is Great For Students And Small Businesses

Jumsoft’s latest clipart and pattern pack delivers plenty of impact.

App and template designer Jumsoft announced a new collection of images and patterns for Apple’s iWork suite. The new package, known as Elements for iWork, is the company’s eleventh collection of professionally designed images, templates and stationary designed to help businesses, students, and consumers create stunning documents and projects using a range of Mac apps.

Elements for iWork includes 360 doodle-inspired icons,  [Read More…]