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Netflix Releases A New iPad App And It Looks Great

Remember Netflix’s plan to radically redesign their iPad app’s UI that we were so crazy about? Well, it’s here now, and it looks fantastic. That’s not all that’s new for Apple fans, though.   The Netflix Blog explains: Starting today, Netflix members in Latin America can enjoy unlimited TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix on their Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, or on their HD TV with Apple  [Read More…]

Learn How To Make the World’s Next Great Website with Cult of Mac’s Latest Offering [Deals]

So you wanna be the next Zuckerberg, eh? But, let me guess, you’re a “business guy” who doesn’t know how to program? You’ve thought about it, but you don’t even know where to start, or you just “don’t have time”. Stay on this path and you may end up finding yourself seeking out a code monkey! Trust us, nobody wants that. Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to help you out by introducing you  [Read More…]

Get 12 Great Mac Apps for $49 with the MacUpdate Winter Bundle

MacUpdate Bundle - December 2011 MacUpdate is back with another Mac OS X application bundle, this one includes 12 great apps that would retail alone for $ 741, but sold as a bundle are discounted 94% to just $ 49.99. The app pack includes: TechTool Pro($ 99) – Powerful system repair, testing, & maintenance tool IconBox ($ 24) – Organize and customize icons across your Mac TotalFinder ($ 18) – Adds  [Read More…]

Jawbone Up Return Program Offers A Great Deal

Jawbone is offering a great return program for those with malfunctioning devices. Jawbone Up is a cool techy bracelet for iOS users who want to track their sleeping habits, fitness habits, and things of that sort. It is used to help get you in shape and annoy you when you are doing things against good habits. For some, this seemed like a really cool idea. After a while from its release, users started reporting problems  [Read More…]

Magnificent 18-Foot Great White Shark Caught In The Wild On An iPhone 4S [Video]

This video shot with an iPhone 4S has a couple of great “We’re going to need a bigger boat” moments in it. Shot about 25 miles southeasy of Wrighstville Beach, the 18 foot Great White shark circled this 21 foot ship for a good half hour, occasionally slapping the side of the boat with its tail, probably to test how easily the boat of meat would capsize. Incredible. [via Daring Fireball]

Learn How to Make Great Product Demo Videos with Cult of Mac’s Creation Course Deal

 There are 16 hours left on our Demo Video Creation Course Deal. “These might be my favorite instructional videos ever.” – Ashton Kutcher If your company doesn’t have a demo video, it’s missing out on the most effective way to convert those visitors into lifetime-long customers – by up to 400%. To create a professionally made, high-quality video like this would typically run you at least $ 5,000…but you don’t need $ 5,000 to compete with the  [Read More…]

This Insanely Great History Of Mac Print Is The Perfect $20 Holiday Gift For Your Favorite Apple Die-Hard

Looking for a nice Christmas gift for the Apple diehard in your life? Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab’s latest print, The Insanely Great History of Apple, gorgeously maps out the complete history of Apple products over the course of the last thirty years: from the original Apple I to the MacBook Air, from the Newton to the iPhone 4S. Printed on 100 lb. archival stock certified by the Forest Stewardship Council,  [Read More…]

Learn How To Build the Next Great iOS App with Cult of Mac’s Latest Killer Deal

Have you ever had an amazing idea for an iOS app but then been devastated by the realization that you don’t know how to code and build an app? Yeah, me too… been there, done that. Which is why we’re stoked to bring you a deal on how to build a killer iPhone or iPad app with the Dive into iOS instructional course from Udemy. If you don’t want to wind up like poor George Costanza,  [Read More…]

Wow! Jony Ive’s Tribute To His “Best Friend” Steve Jobs Is Truly Great

If you want to hear a really great, revealing and insightful tribute to Steve Jobs, tune into the Celebrating Steve video Apple posted earlier and go to the 48.30 mark. Here Apple’s long-time head designer Jony Ive starts talking about his “best and most loyal friend.” Ive’s tribute to Steve is by turns funny, touching and insightful. Unlike a lot of the negative stuff we’ve heard about Steve over the  [Read More…]

What’s So Great About Siri?

Apple announced speech recognition for the next iPhone. Big deal. Android’s had it for more than a year. Apple is just playing “catch-up” and the feature’s not really earth-shattering anyway. Right? Wrong. Everything in that opening paragraph is wrong, except the sentence that reads “big deal.” Siri is a very big deal, the biggest of deals. In fact, Siri is the most important thing to happen to mobile in this decade  [Read More…]