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The Griffin AirStrap for iPad 2 is a Great Case, But That’s All [Review]

The Griffin AirStrap ($ 30) is another iPad 2 case that’s designed to help you maintain a secure grip on your precious tablet while you’re using it. It features a molded frame with contoured grips on each side, which are structured to protect the edges of your device. On the back, there’s a neoprene safety strap under which you slip your hand to ensure you have a good grip on your  [Read More…]

Get The Great Sparrow eMail Client For Just $6 At Cult of Mac’s New “Deals” Hub

I have some exciting news: we’re launching a new software hub at deals.cultofmac.com. Starting today, we’ll be bringing Apple fans the best deals in cutting-edge software and apps. We’ll be offering all kinds of deals: free app codes; 72-hour sales on premium packages; and bundles of the best apps — all at savings of 30% to 90% off retail. We’re kicking off today with the smash-hit mail app Sparrow. It’s  [Read More…]

JayBird Freedom JF3 Bluetooth Earphones Fly Great, But They’re No Songbirds [Review]

  The JayBird Freedom JF3 ($ 99) Bluetooth wireless headphones are a successful attempt to build upon a paramount technological concept: take something good and make it great — or in this case, take a good pair of IEM headphones and ditch the cord. It’s like a musical bris without the rabbi — or the baby.     The Good: When testing any Bluetooth stereo headphones, comfort and loudness are key. and  [Read More…]

Calculate The Square Root Of Pi On The Purring Tummy Of The Great, Enormous Catculator [iOS App]

There’s not much to say about Catculator, a $ 0.99 Calculator.app replacement that allows you to perform simple arithmetic on the heaving fuzzy belly of an enormous Studio Ghibili style cat! But just because there isn’t much to say about it doesn’t mean that hundreds of thousands of iOS users shouldn’t be alerted to the fact that they can do math by poking and prodding an adorable, sleepy cat as  [Read More…]

MacLegion Fall Bundle Offers 10 Great Mac Apps for $50 [Deals]

The MacLegion 2011 Fall Bundle consists of 10 great Mac apps for only $ 49.99. Valued at over $ 630, this bundle is a huge deal. This year’s line of Mac apps has been hand-picked to ensure you get quality titles for your purchase. The bundle is only offered for 9 more days, so now is the time to buy! [Read More…]

Check Out This Great Apple Prototypes Round-Up [Video]

Grab from Matt Pearce's video about Apple Prototypes Matt Pearce made this great little video about some of Apple’s early prototypes that show strong echoes of its modern products.   The materials might be different and the technology might look ancient, but Matt’s talking about the ideas. He does a good job of demonstrating certain design concepts which have been around for a long time. As Matt says  [Read More…]

Great News On iPhone 5 And iPad 2 Jailbreak

Today, p0sixninja the iPhone hacker of Chronic Dev-Team announced that five bootrom exploits has been discovered on the A5 chip which is used in the iPad 2 and expected to also be used in the iPhone 5. Jailbreak iPhone 5 iPad 2 iOS 5 Untethered The news was  [Read More…]

Iomega’s Dinky Little Helium Hard Drive Is A Great MacBook Companion [Review]

Iomega’s new Helium Portable Hard Drive is a compact little brick of data storage. Encased in a hard aluminum shell, the Helium Drive is perfect for Time Machine backups or supplementing the memory of a MacBook Air. Whatever it’s used for, the data will always be safe, even if the drive is lost or stolen. The Helium has built-in hardware encryption, which means no one can ever peek at your files. That  [Read More…]

Plunder the Caribbean in Crimson: Steam Pirates, a Great Free Game for iPad

Crimson Steam Pirates for iPad Looking for a fun game to play this weekend on the iPad? Grab Crimson: Steam Pirates, an action-strategy game where you can battle through a series of pirate voyages with over a dozen different boats, subs, and airships. The turn-based game is getting raving reviews which isn’t too shocking considering it’s coming from Bungie, the creators of the Halo franchise and Marathon. Here’s the games description  [Read More…]

Great Shot: British Journal of Photography Arrives on iPad

BJP on iPad There’s a treat for photography fans this morning, with the launch of the British Journal of Photography‘s official iPad app.   Issue 1 is a free download – 400MB, space-saving fans – but you get a lot of stuff for your bandwidth. There’s a feature about photographers who’ve moved from still to moving images (which explains the rather jarring animated front cover photo of a  [Read More…]