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Chinese devaluation is terrible for Apple, great for its suppliers

China’s surprise devaluation of the yuan is likely to have a massive impact on Apple and its suppliers. China devalued its currency in an attempt to boost a flagging economy — resulting in the country’s biggest one-day loss in 20 years. And while some will be celebrating, others (likely including Tim Cook) can’t be too happy about […][Read More…]

Jimmy Iovine thinks Apple Music-style curation would be a great fit for TV

Could Apple carry its Apple Music human curation obsession over to its much-rumored Apple TV refresh? During Jimmy Iovine’s new interview with Wired about Apple Music, Iovine — unprompted — chose television as another example of a place Apple could incorporate its belief in humans trumping algorithms when it comes to recommendations. Iovine said that: “We all […][Read More…]

Why Apple’s Beats 1 radio station is great, and you should tune in

So far, Beats 1 has been absolutely great. I’m a fan, and it’s been less than 24 hours! Apple’s new global, 24/7 radio station is everything I hoped for — a discovery-oriented platform showcasing what’s new and what’s good. Of…Read more ›

Carl Icahn: Apple could be one of the great stocks of the century

Carl Icahn is bearish on the current stock market. After making billions buying Netflix shares near $ 58, the iconic investor announced today that he’s cashing out now that the stock is trading around $ 677 because the ‘overheated.’ Despite pulling out…Read more ›

10 Great Improvements to Your Mac For $20 [Deals]

Sorry to break it to you, but your Mac isn’t living up to its potential. The good news? We’ve rounded up 10 amazing Mac apps in a Summer Mac Essentials Bundle that can streamline efficiency & run faster, transforming how you…Read more ›

iOS 9 may help users sneak past the Great Firewall of China

Apple unveiled the next generation of iOS this week, and while many of us here in the US are stoked about features like Power Save Mode, smarter Siri search, and improved Maps, users in China are getting excited about one…Read more ›

Great WWDC expectations, HomeKit’s killer app, our Facebook nightmare plus more

Download the latest Cult of Mac Magazine to find out what we’re all expecting from next week’s WWDC 2015, why we’re waiting for HomeKit’s killer app, what Kahney’s Korner has to say about the big Jony Ive promotion, a bit…Read more ›

ICYMI: Why Jony Ive’s big promotion is great for Apple

Why is Jony Ive’s big promotion so great for Apple? Find out what Leander thinks in this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine. In addition, meet the men filling the design guru’s shoes, see how Apple Watch apps will get a…Read more ›

Ousted VP Scott Forstall is ‘delighted’ Apple still makes great products

Scott Forstall, the Apple executive who lead the creation of iOS and was then kicked out the company in 2012, says he’s not staying mad at Apple. In a recent interview about the Broadway play he’s producing, Forstall addressed his…Read more ›

Get your Mac game on with these great guides

If you’re looking for new games to explode onto your Mac, look no further than these three “best of” gaming guides from one of the most Mac-centric gaming voices on the web, Mac Gamer HQ. Featuring the 10 best strategy…Read more ›