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The two personality traits that made Steve Jobs great

The new Steve Jobs biography, Becoming Steve Jobs, rests on the premise that Jobs’ wilderness years outside Apple somehow helped turn a once-reckless co-founder into a seasoned leader. Just how accurate the book’s kinder, gentler portrayal of Steve actually is,…Read more ›

Watch these 5 great horror-comedies before Zombeavers eats your brain

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Zombeavers, but it’s out now. And, true to its name, it is about beavers who are also zombies, and they lay siege to a cabin full of hapless, idiot teens on a weekend…Read more ›

Apple teams up with Pinterest to help you find the next great app

If you’re a Pinterest user with an eye on app discovery, Apple has the perfect deal for you. Both companies have just announced a partnership to create “App Pins,” allowing users to install iOS app without having to leave the…Read more ›

7 great Spider-Man stories we’d love to see spun on the big screen

Thanks to a groundbreaking deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, we’re finally about to see Spider-Man rejoin his Marvel brethren Captain America and Iron Man as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But having sat through a disappointingly botched…Read more ›

Photoshop gets a new challenger on OS X, and it looks great

If you’re a creative director, designer, or just enjoy using your Mac for graphics editing, you may want to check out the new Photoshop rival, Affinity Photo. Currently available as a public beta, this pro-level photo software and graphics editor…Read more ›

8 great games to unleash your inner superhero

Comic books are insanely great, and so are video games. Put them together and what do you get? Well, aside from one of the most ardent combined fanbases in existence, the answer is some damn fine games. Having recently reinvigorated…Read more ›

The Millennium Falcon makes a great DJ turntable

You may may never be able to listen to Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes live in the Star Wars cantina for yourself, but here’s the next best thing: a turntable modeled after Han Solo’s famous parsec-shattering ship, the Millennium…Read more ›

Create your own Adventure Time game in this great iOS app

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time isn’t just a popular kids’ show, it presents one of the richest and most surreal animated landscapes I can remember seeing on a TV show. In other words, it’s perfect for sparking and unlocking young people’s imagination…Read more ›

3 great services to help rid yourself of nerdy crap

Scott Dadich, editor-in-chief of Wired, recently dispatched a chilling memo to his worker bees about keeping their San Francisco hive clean. Among other things, Dadich bemoaned the “dorm room” look of the office. “It’s an embarrassment,” he opined in his…Read more ›

5 great TV shows you should catch up on over the holidays

A lot of TV happens every day, and it’s understandable if you can’t watch all of it. Maybe you have a job or read or something. But now, the holidays have given you the gift of several days off with…Read more ›