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Pope’s arrival in America greeted by a sea of smartphones

Pope Francis landed on U.S. soil for the first time last week on Tuesday, September 22. He has talked to victims of sexual abuse, spoke out about his views on immigration and gave several moving speeches across the country. However, the pope was also able to impact American culture in a way that is completely […]

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iPhone 4S Greeted By Massive Crowds at Apple Stores

It’s the headline we all expected. On the day of launch for the new iPhone 4S, Apple fans have come pouring into their nearest Apple store all over the world to get their hands on the hottest new smartphone in mobile today. In addition to the plethora of readers we’ve connected with about their experiences with long lines today, the Wall Street Journal has taken a macro-look at the iPhone 4S launch today, which suggests  [Read More…]

As Tim Cook Prepares To Unveil iPhone 5, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Greeted By Yawns Amid Painful Annual Meeting

Have the salad days of Microsoft passed? Insiders say CEO Steve Ballmer was greeted with yawns at a recent annual meeting replete with reportedly painfully flat demos and lifeless speakers. Ballmer, who once derided the Apple iPhone market share as a rounding error, is now on the defensive, adopting the mantra Windows Cannot Lose.   At a recent annual meeting held in Seattle, droves of people left while Ballmer spoke, according  [Read More…]