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J-pop group ‘hacks’ iPhone for amazing music video

Making a music video that shines bright in the vibrant Japanese-pop market isn’t easy, but if your band needs some tips, look no further than the amazingly whacky video the group Lyrical School just dropped. Rather than filming the video for their first single ‘Run and Run’ in normal landscape format, the crew pulls off […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple quietly asks a small group to return their Apple TVs

Looks like a small amount of third-generation Apple TVs, the ones on sale right now, are being quietly recalled by Apple. There hasn’t been a public notice of any recall, which could mean that there are only a few select units that are defective. If yours is among the faulty Apple TVs, chances are you’ll […][Read More…]

Apple won’t face group lawsuit for lost iMessages

Apple has been spending a lot of time in court the past few years, but the company just avoided another potentially costly lawsuit this week, after a federal judge shot down a group’s request to sue Apple over lost text messages. A former iPhone user filed a lawsuit against Apple in San Jose, California, claiming […][Read More…]

Apple Music adds 20,000 indie labels by signing Beggars Group and Merlin

Indie musicians haven’t been too keen on Apple’s music streaming service that originally planned to cut them out of a paycheck for three months. Now that Taylor Swift has won her battle against Apple Music, thousands of indie artists are…Read more ›

Add a New Person to a Group Message on iPhone

Group messaging is a great feature that makes conversations with multiple people much easier, but what if you want to add someone else to an existing group chat from iOS? No sweat, you can quickly add a new contact (or several) to a group message conversation from your iPhone or iPad with a few easy … Read More

How to Name Group Conversations in Messages for iOS

If you regularly message in group conversations or mass texts with Messages app on the iPhone or iPad, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the group conversations are labeled by the contacts involved in the conversation, like “Bob, Jon, Bill”. While that’s certainly adequate and descriptive enough, a better approach can be to assign a specific custom name … Read More

Assign a Name to Group Chats in Messages for Mac

When you’re engaged in a group conversation in Messages for Mac, you’ll notice the ‘To’ section lists the names of people participating in the group chat. While that’s certainly adequate for most situations, if you have a specific group chat going for a specific purpose, you can assign a name to any given group chat … Read More

Use the Camera Self Timer on iPhone & iPad for Better Group Photos or Selfies

The iPhone Camera app includes a self timer function, a great feature for any camera that allows you to set a countdown timer before a picture is snapped. There’s many uses for the timer function, but it often allows for the photographer or camera owner to be in the picture frame as well, rather than … Read More

Apple makes devs happier by adding group beta testing to TestFlight

Along with doubling the max file size of apps, Apple introduced something else today for its third-party developer community. TestFlight, the Apple-owned service devs use to beta test their apps before submitting them to the App Store, can now do…Read more ›

Bindle takes the suck out of group messaging

Chris Toy was an Everquest geek in the early days, playing the addictive open-world video game somewhat obsessively. It wasn’t slaying the monsters or leveling up that really motivated Toy, but the social aspects of the game. “I was honestly…Read more ›