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Facebook’s latest app is dedicated to groups

Another day, another app from Facebook. That seems to be the trend lately for the social networking giant, as seemingly every aspect of its service has been siloed into its own app. The latest is Facebook Groups for, you guessed… Read more ›

iPhone 6 unboxing videos are a dime a dozen nowadays, expect when they come from the wildly wacky Blue Man Group. The popular performing group released their own quirky take on the iPhone 6 unboxing video and it’s unlike any… Read more ›

It has been nearly three months since Facebook launched Paper for iPhone, a cutting-edge experiment in what it means to use Facebook. Today Paper received its first big update in the App Store, and a few of the elements that… Read more ›

If you need to rename a group of files on a Mac by appending some text to each files name, a great free option is to use a simple Automator action and save it as an application. This is similar to the other Automator utilities we have built and covered here before, but this time … Read More

Saved and restored Terminal window group with commands

Do you have your terminal windows arranged in a particular way, perhaps running particular processes, that you want to consistently resume to without having to rearrange and relaunch things? Rather than relying entirely on the OS X Resume feature, you should use the Terminal app “Window Groups” tool, which lets you save not only the placement of groups of terminal windows, but also their commands  [Read More…]


We love photography at Cult of Mac. Whether it’s sharing photos at events through Instagram, or going outdoors and taking pictures for Flickr, snapping pictures and sharing them is one of our favorite ways to interact with readers. It’s also one of our favorite ways to write articles.

Today, Cult of Mac is introducing our new Flickr and Instagram groups. We want to see what life is like for all of our  [Read More…]

There are quite a few apps out there that share your location data and allow you to check in at a place, like Foursquare, Facebook, etc. They’re pretty fantastic, and they let your friends see where you are at, and then come meet you.

But what if you want to share where you are going to be in a little while? What about letting your friends know that you’re on your way,  [Read More…]

When you need to assign certain contact groups with different text tones or ring tones than the rest, a new jailbreak application dubbedGroupRinger by iOS developer Thiago de Conti Araujo gets the job done effectively and only sets you back 99¢. GroupRingers is compatible with third party ring tones or text tones that you create in addition to the stock tones that Apple loads into all of their iDevices. With the power to assign certain contact groups  [Read More…]