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Apple’s sapphire maker grows the world’s biggest sapphire crystal

Apple has had its problems with sapphire manufacturers before, but not with its latest supplier, which not only stands as the largest sapphire manufacturer in the world and one of the few that are showing any kind of operating profit — but also just churned out the world’s first 300lb synthetic sapphire crystal. The company […]

Apple builds enterprise sales team as iOS adoption grows

Apple is preparing an unprecedented push into the world of enterprise, according to a new report from Reuters. After partnering with IBM in July to develop corporate software and services, Apple is building its own sales team to court clients.…

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Apple’s Legal Arsenal Grows as the Company is Granted Another Key Multitouch Patent

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently published that the Cupertino, California company now owns a crucial patent, one which described how touch events are recognized by touchscreen devices. This specific patent was one of the �200+ Patents for new inventions� that Jobs was pushing for when the iPhone first debuted according to a report from�Patently Apple. The newly granted patent focuses on the oscillator signal and circuit of a touchscreen-equipped device, an integral invention  [Read More…]

While Some Apple Stores Remove Steve Jobs Memorials, Palo Altos Grows

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As Apple�s stores nationwide prepare to close for a few hours on Wednesday to remember Steve Jobs, many are removing the memorials that sprang up on their windows and doorsteps. The memorial at Apple�s flagship store in San Francisco, for example, was removed last week.

Not so the Apple store in Palo Alto, Calif. � Steve�s hometown. Quite the opposite, the number of Post-It tributes has grown  [Read More…]

Mac OS X Install Base Grows to Over 6% Worldwide, 13% in US

According to the latest tracking data from�NetMarketShare, Mac OS X’s install base worldwide has increased to over 6% and 13% in the United States. This increase is in direct connection with the release of Apple’s newest operating system, Lion. Just over the last few months, Apple’s OS chunk of the market grew approximately .43%. The increases are as follows:

May 2011 –�5.60% June – July 2011 –�5.96% August 2011 –�6.03%

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McAfee: Android Malware Rapidly Grows 76% While iOS Is Unaffected

Image courtesy of AndroidHeadlines.com

The security experts at McAfee have published details of a new study that found during the second quarter of 2011, Android-powered devices faced a staggering 76% increase in malware than that of the first quarter � while Apple�s iOS devices�remained�unaffected by malicious exploits.

In its Second Quarter 2011 Threats Report, relayed by Electronista,�McAfee noted that the �threat landscape of 2011 is undergoing a year of chaos and change.�  [Read More…]

iPad 2, iPhone 4 Demand Grows, Supply to Shrink

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Digitimes is reporting shortages of both labor and materials, specifically at Foxconn, will be affecting Apple’s overseas supply chain.

The shortage will likely affect Apple’s ability to ship the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 in the second quarter of 2011 (Calendar time, not financial, so like June), upstream component makers told Digitime. Foxconn released a statement on the issue, (that in no way directly addressed the issue)  [Read More…]