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iOS 8 growth slowing, but still enough to shame Android

We’re likely only a couple of months away from the first developer previews of iOS 9, but iOS 8 adoption continues to creepy steadily northwards. According to Apple’s in-house stats — measured by visits to the App Store on April 27 — 81 percent…Read more ›

New MacBook will drive Apple’s notebook growth in 2015

My Cult of Mac colleague Buster Hein recently wrote that the new impossibly-thin, gorgeously Retina displayed MacBook “isn’t for you, it’s for the future” — meaning that it’s there to show us where the MacBook will go in the next…Read more ›

Tablet market growth is shrinking, and iPad is the weakest link

Tablet sales are on the decline, and the iPad is “the weakest leak,” according to the latest report from International Data Corporation. The organization has scaled back its five-year forecast for tablets, expecting market growth to come to a near…Read more ›

Apple’s new Swift language experiences ‘meteoric’ growth

Apple surprised developers with its new programming language, Swift, at WWDC 2014 but it hasn’t taken long for the developer community to get behind what will soon be the replacement for Objective-C. In the latest programming language popularity rankings from…Read more ›

iOS 8 growth slows to an embarrassing crawl

Apple loves to tout how quickly people update to its newest software, but with iOS 8, many are choosing to hold back. The company’s own numbers show that only 1% of the iOS user base has upgraded to iOS 8…Read more ›

Japan’s tax hikes likely slowed Apple’s growth last quarter

Apple’s sales in Japan have been skyrocketing quarter after quarter, but then the company reported “dampened” growth during its most recent earnings call. Japan has been one of Apple’s fastest-growing countries, so what happened? A big increase in Japan’s federal taxes…Read more ›

Worldwide Tablet Shipments Could Slow To Single Digit Growth By 2017 [Report]

International Data Corporation (IDC) released it’s quarterly report on worldwide tablet shipments Tuesday. The report states that the data tracking agency has lowered its expected forecast for growth in the tablet sector, which includes Android, iOS, and Windows tablets. Tablet…Read more ›    [Read More…]

App Store Still Tops Google Play In Revenue Despite Slower Growth

Total-Revenue-Apple-App-Store-and-Google-Play-July-2013-DistimoGoogle Play has made up a lot of ground on the App Store over the past couple months in terms of downloads and revenue, but the latest mobile marketplace report shows that Apple is still king of the castle when it comes to revenue. According to app analytics firm Distimo, the App Store was still […]

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All New Smartphone Growth Is iPhone For AT&T And Verizon [Report]

It might *look* like Android is winning, but they're really not.

It might *look* like Android is winning, but they’re really not.

Benedict Evans, a tech and telecom analysis firm in London, compiled some stats from the last couple of years for US smartphone sales from both AT&T and Verizon. They found three interesting things in the data.

One, Android isn’t growing at all in the US at the two big carriers, showing  [Read More…]

Android’s Growth In The U.S. Has Flatlined While iPhone Continues To Rise [Chart]



A lot has been said lately about the iPhone’s demise, and thanks to global smartphone marketshare numbers, you’d think the Apple-hating Negative Nancys are right. But then if you look at the U.S. marketshare numbers, it’s a completely different story.

Benedict Evans created the chart above based on AT&T and Verizon’s recent sales figures. It’s pretty clear that the iPhone has been the only smartphone that is actually increasing sales  [Read More…]