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Thinking about grabbing that sweet HTC One M8 to use as a camera? Forget it – while HTC was spending all its time adding that second, depth-measuring camera, it forgot to make the main camera good enough to take decent… Read more ›     

Snail Speaker: Guess What It Looks Like

We’ve seen several horn speakers here on Cult of Mac, and made at least as many schoolboyish horn jokes. But to my knowledge this is the first speaker that looks like an acoustic amplifying horn, but is in fact just… Read more ›     

The capabilities of today’s are so incredible, a few weeks ago we came across a 20-year old RadioShack ad and everything you could buy  has already been made obsolete by the iPhone. Still, the iPhone’s powers are so much greater… Read more ›     

And now you know. That’s right, it is being reported that Apple employees internally nicknamed the gold iPhone 5s “The Kardashian Phone” during production. New York Times reporter Nick Bilton first tweeted the revelation, saying he heard it from a…

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Now that everyone has had a solid day or three to play with their shiny new iPhones, the Internet is ready with its customary wave of iPhone destruction videos. We’ve already seen a number of durability tests, but RatedRR takes its testing to the extreme with its annual iPhone X vs .50 Cal Rifle test. […]

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vaavud-wind-meter  Even without taking into account the unique, astonishing way it wirelessly connects with a smartphone, the Vaavud wind meter is pretty neat little gadget. It will measure wind speeds up to 25 meters/second (the Vaavud is Danish, hence the metric measurements and strange name), can share recorded data with the world through its free [...]

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You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking that it’s been three whole days since I posted about a wooden iPhone case. And since the last one before that was maybe at the beginning of last week. I’m thinking that it’s about time for another one. So here it is: The Colors Handcarved Wood iPhone 5 Case

This week’s (or today’s) wooden case is a beautifully sculpted number that is either a rough-hewn  [Read More...]

iPhone WhistleCase: You Can Guess What It Does

Hooooo! That, apparently, is the sound of an iPhone whistling. At least, that’s the sound of an iPhone whistling when its inside the WhistleCase, a combo tweeter and phone protector that actually looks cool enough to buy and use.

Why whistle? The site makes the case (sorry) for safety and for sports. I like the latter, as I’m such a pussy I never find myself in dangerous situations – unless you count the  [Read More...]

The Sony EyePad.

The Sony PlayStation EyePad.

Sony is currently experimenting with a tablet-style PlayStation controller, which according to Slashgear would allow for “dynamic 3D motion control and virtual buttons for gaming and other purposes.” They’re even trying to patent it.

It looks like cool hardware, similar to the capabilities of the Wii U console, which was, of course, Nintendo’s answer to the tablet craze that Apple started back in 2010.

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CultCast listeners know that I have a particular fondness for Christopher Walken. Sometimes he even likes to make an appearance on the podcast. It’s truly magical.

My love for Walken means that I couldn’t be more excited for an upcoming iOS app called Cowbell Hero. With the app, I’ll be able to relive the infamous Saturday Night Live skit in all of its glory. I gotta have more cowbell. I really do.

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