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You’ll never guess how little a Top 10 Mac app makes per day

How much profit do you think you’d make per day if you coded a Top 10 paid app in the Mac App Store? $ 10,000? Maybe even $ 20,000 a day? While the iOS App Store has been a gold mine for…Read more ›

Apple Watch vs. blender. Guess which wins?

The glass may be scratch-proof, but the Apple Watch is not durable enough to withstand a blender. Tom Dickson wasted no time having the Apple Watch as a guest on his YouTube show, Will It Blend?Sure enough, it didn’t. Dickson…Read more ›

Apple Watch takes on power drill. Guess who wins?

To make the most personal device ever, Apple is using sapphire glass for the Apple Watch to make its display more durable. None of the reviews we read yesterday complained about scratches on their Apple Watch, but iPhoneFixed managed to…Read more ›

Guess what Samsung copied from Apple now (hint: Continuity & iBeacons)

Samsung just can’t leave Apple alone. When it’s not mocking the Cupertino company in ads, or pleading for its chip-making business, it’s stealing its ideas. Today, Samsung announced two new creations rolling off its Xerox machine out of its R&D…Read more ›

Guess Watch CEO pens welcoming open letter to Tim Cook

TAG Heuer is not the only watchmaker taking notice of the Apple Watch. Cindy Livingston, CEO of Guess Watches, has written an open letter to Tim Cook about the Apple Watch. And like TAG Heuer, it appears that Livingston is…Read more ›

Yosemite will guess your next word as you type, just like iOS 8

The QuickType/Predictive typing feature found in iOS 8 has made its way to OS X Yosemite. Although a similar feature has been used in OS X since at least Snow Leopard, accessible by hitting the ESC key, this ups the…Read more ›

iPhone 5S Vs HTC One M8 Camera Shootout: Guess Which One Wins

Thinking about grabbing that sweet HTC One M8 to use as a camera? Forget it – while HTC was spending all its time adding that second, depth-measuring camera, it forgot to make the main camera good enough to take decent…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Snail Speaker: Guess What It Looks Like

We’ve seen several horn speakers here on Cult of Mac, and made at least as many schoolboyish horn jokes. But to my knowledge this is the first speaker that looks like an acoustic amplifying horn, but is in fact just…Read more ›    [Read More…]

You’ll Never Guess How Much An iPhone Would Have Cost In 1991

The capabilities of today’s are so incredible, a few weeks ago we came across a 20-year old RadioShack ad and everything you could buy  has already been made obsolete by the iPhone. Still, the iPhone’s powers are so much greater…Read more ›    

You’ll Never Guess What Apple Employees Internally Nicknamed The Gold iPhone 5s

And now you know. That’s right, it is being reported that Apple employees internally nicknamed the gold iPhone 5s “The Kardashian Phone” during production. New York Times reporter Nick Bilton first tweeted the revelation, saying he heard it from a…Read more ›

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