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New Android app design guidelines ripped from iOS playbook

Your Android apps are going to get an iOS-style makeover soon, thanks to new design guidelines from Google. Mostly concerned with the bottom of Android apps, Google is looking to have its developers place a bar across the bottom of their apps that will let users navigate between different sections of the app, just like […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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New iOS 8 App Store guidelines are designed to protect your privacy

Apple is constantly looking to improve the App Store experience, and ahead of the long-awaited release of the iPhone 6 and public version of iOS 8, it is doubling its efforts. With these two landmark events coming up rapidly, the…Read more ›

App Store Guidelines acknowledge bitcoin policy for the first time

Despite pulling various Bitcoin trading apps from the App Store, Apple hasn’t previously made clear its stance on virtual currencies and how it plans to handle them in future. Following the unveiling of iOS 8 at yesterday’s Worldwide Developers Conference…Read more ›

Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for iOS now available on iPad

There’s a reason that the majority of apps in the App Store look like they fit together, and that reason is Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, which ensure that all developers incorporate Apple-approved elements into everything that they do on the…Read more ›

Apple Publishes Developer Guidelines For iOS, OS X Game Controllers


Apple announced during its WWDC keynote that iOS 7 will finally bring support for third-party game controllers, and the Cupertino company has followed that up with a new set of guidelines that detail a standard for iOS and OS X game controllers.

The document is designed to ensure that all game developers are working with the same specifications, so no matter who your favorite title was built by, it should be  [Read More…]

Apple Retail Blogging and Online Social Media Guidelines Leaked

A leaked document that outlines employee guidelines at Apple summarizes the companys commitment to secrecy, allowing little margin for error in a culture which is ruled by social media. The internal policies that are required to be followed by employees was recently revealed by the folks over at9to5Mac, which depicts the tightly controlled and regulated operation. This comes shortly after a recent UK court case that questioned Apples dismissal of a retail employee over comments  [Read More…]