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Apple found guilty of illegally setting iPhone prices in Taiwan

Many of Apple’s manufacturers may be based in Taiwan, but that hasn’t stopped a Taiwanese court from finding the company guilty of engaging in anti-competitive practices. Apple’s crime? Making its telecom partners in Taiwan run their pricing plans past Apple…

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Guilty as (un)charged: Phones with dead batteries banned on U.K. flights

If you’re flying into or out of the United Kingdom, you’d better make sure your Android or iOS handset is fully charged. With the U.S. government recently announcing that all airline passengers with personal electronics devices will now be required…

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Jury’s In: Samsung found guilty of infringing Apple’s patents, again

The jury is done deliberating. The results are in. And Samsung is guilty. Again. Weeks of legal sparring between Apple and Samsung has finally culminated this week in San Jose, as a federal jury just ruled that Samsung did indeed infringe on at…

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Apple Found Guilty Of E-Book Price Fixing

flipboard_ibooksFollowing a lengthy trial, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote has today ruled that Apple conspired to raise the price of e-books. Another trial for damages will follow at a later date, Reuters reports. “The decision by U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan is a victory for the U.S. government and various states, which the judge said […]

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Tokyo Court Finds Samsung Guilty Of Infringing Apple ‘Rubber Banding’ Patent


A Tokyo court has today found Samsung guilty of infringing an Apple “bounce-back” or “rubber banding” patent that covers the popular scrolling feature built into its iOS platform. Apple has been using the patent against Samsung in a number of courtrooms all over the world, but back in April, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office deemed it invalid.

In earlier versions of its Galaxy smartphones, Samsung allegedly copied the feature that causes  [Read More…]

Judge In Apple E-Book Antitrust Case Thinks Apple Is Guilty, Even Before Trial Starts


Innocent until proven guilty? Not for Cupertino. Apple’s e-book antitrust trial starts on June 3rd, but the U.S. District Judge in charge of the case is already openly expressing her belief that Apple engaged in a conspiracy.

According to Reuters, U.S. District Judge Denise Cole recently opined:

I believe that the government will be able to show at trial direct evidence that Apple knowingly participated in and facilitated a conspiracy to  [Read More…]

Man Pleads Guilty To Spending $1 Billion On Apple Stock & Bringing Down His Company


Securities trader David Miller has pleaded guilty to fraud after buying $ 1 billion of Apple stock without permission and bringing down his company. The 40-year-old purchased 1.625 million Apple shares on the day the Cupertino company reported its third-quarter results in October 2012, hoping that he’d be able to make a profit when the share price rose.

Instead, the share price fell and Miller’s gamble backfired, sending Rochdale Securities under.

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Court Finds Apple’s iPhone Guilty Of Infringing Patents Owned By MobileMedia Ideas

A U.S. court has today ruled that Apple’s iPhone infringes three patents owned by MobileMedia Ideas, a “patent troll” jointly owned by Nokia, Sony, and Denver-based MPEG LA.

MobileMedia owns more than 300 patents — most of which were originally granted to Sony and Nokia — and it now uses them to sue other companies as a source of revenue, hence its “patent troll” nickname. Last month, the firm used some of  [Read More…]

2010 iPad Email Hacker Found Guilty, Faces Two Five-Year Sentences

Andrew Auernheimer.

A hacker has been found guilty of a massive security breach that exposed the emails of more than 114,000 iPad owners back in 2010. Andrew Auernheimer was one of two Goatse Security members who were arrested for exposing the major flaw in AT&T’s database, and he now faces two five-year charges.Auernheimer worked alongside Daniel Spitler to gain access to AT&T’s iPad subscriber database and expose the email addresses of more than 114,000 iPad  [Read More…]

iPad Pinky Ripper Pleads Guilty


handcuffed-to-briefcase Picture 6

Here�s the latest twist in the story of an early iPad buyer who had his pinky torn so a thief could get his hands on Apple�s must-have device.

Brandon Smith, 22, pleaded guilty Friday to aggravated robbery and second-degree assault, the Denver District Attorney�s Office announced.

The plea isn�t completely out of nowhere: the scales were looking weighted after Smith reportedly thought his  [Read More…]