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It’s hard enough to sing and play guitar at the same time, let alone manage a floor full of guitar effects pedals. Add to that trying to create vocal effects like most listeners expect and you’ve got a solo musician’s… Read more ›

I’ve been playing music for coming up on 30 years now, and I’ve tried a ton of music gear. These days, I run a fairly bare-bones setup, with a smaller amp for those close venues, a couple of dual-effect pedals… Read more ›

Learning the guitar by yourself in your room,with YouTube and the book you picked up from the bookstore is so 2013. Step into the 21st century of guitar lessons with gTar. The gTar is the first digital, smart guitar. With… Read more ›

Next time some jerk mimes playing the world’s smallest violin at something you said, just whip out the miniscule Fretpen guitar, bellow something defiantly rock-themed at them, and relish in their stunned silence as you headbang triumphantly while shredding your… Read more ›

Guitar Hero Plays Its Last iOS Solo This Month

Guitar Hero will vanish from the App Store at the end of this month. Not the best rhythm game available, but still a lot of fun, we praised Guitar Hero back when it first arrived on iOS in 2010. With… Read more ›     

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar? If so, then Cult of Mac Deals has got you covered. If you’re an aspiring guitar player or just want to improve your skills, look no further because for… Read more ›     

iLoud Bluetooth Guitar Speaker Rawks [Review]

iLoud byIK Multimedia Category: Speakers Works With: Anything Price: $ 300 To save time, here’s my advice: If you have an iPad or iPhone, a guitar and $ 300 to spend, then spend it on the iLoud. It’s a small, portable Bluetooth… Read more ›     

IK Multimedia is responsible for a veritable boat-load of music peripherals and apps, like the hard-rocking guitar crunch of effects app Amplitube and the portable MIDI keyboard iRig Keys. If you’re a musician interested in working with iOS devices on… Read more ›     

  I’m not a guitar amp nut; I have little appreciation for old-and-moldy audio components and purist babble (oh yes, I know! “Vacuum tubes! Blah blah blah!”) But a look at the promo video for Positive Grid’s new Bias iPad… Read more ›     

We know clothing isn’t our niche but geeks still need to look good…right? If your goal is to become the biggest rock star the galaxy has ever seen, then pay homage to the original guitar “Soloâ€-ist with this galactic t-shirt…

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