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Drive your guitar to new places with this mighty Moog effects pedal

Lust List: MF Drive guitar pedal by Moog The magic of what Moog has done with this analog stompbox isn’t completely evident until you plug an expression pedal into it. Certainly the drive tones are exceptional and the controls provide a myriad of useable and inspirational tones, but the expression pedal unlocks Moog’s industry-leading love […]

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Make your technology a force for musical expression with this digital guitar [Deals]

Computers, tablets, even iPhones have grown into powerful tools for music making, but for many who play guitar the bridge from analog instrument to digital devices can be an intimidating one. The Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar is a great way to cross the digital divide, a MIDI controlling guitar with frets and strings that feel […]

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Boomerang, Guitar Hero Live, and other awesome apps of the week

The weekend’s already half way over but, fear not, Cult of Mac is here to fill you in on the week’s best apps. In addition to great gadget-hunting and photo sharing apps, we’ve picked out some great games from the past seven days. Check out our suggestions below. You won’t regret it! Boomerang A rival of […]

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What the rock? Guitar Hero Live features $50 in-app purchase

Activision Blizzard today released rocking rhythm game Guitar Hero Live for iOS — but you’ll need to have rock star money to afford it. That’s because, in a break from previous titles in the series, this one features a $ 49.99 in-app purchase for the full version, which includes well over 40 tracks. Yep, to paraphrase This […]

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Alabama Shakes singer gives Instagram guitar lesson

Rock music history is rife with musicians who developed a sort of god complex from money and fame. A recent posting on Instagram indicates fame is unlikely to corrupt Brittany Howard, lead singer and guitarist for Alabama Shakes, who used the photo- and video-sharing platform to give a fan a guitar lesson. Kait Whiteside, 24, […][Read More…]

Rock the hive with this Alien-inspired, 3-D-printed guitar

Francesco Orru has a guitar that would make H.R. Giger proud and put Sigourney Weaver on edge. The designer used a Delta Wasp 3-D printer to create a guitar with a body shaped like the killer creature from the 1979…Read more ›

Hot deals ending soon: Last chance to get Apple WatchStand, Jamstik Wireless Guitar and more [Deals]

Save big on top gear and services every day at Cult of Mac Deals. You’re running out of time to save serious cash on the WatchStand Apple Watch Charging Dock, the Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar, and more. WatchStand Apple Watch Charging…Read more ›

New Guitar Hero will turn you into a realistic rock star

You’re in the green room, waiting for your curtain call. You can hear the throngs of rabid fans in the audience, just waiting for you and your group of rock and roll rebels to take the stage. You and your…Read more ›

Second Mad Max trailer is even more unhinged than the flaming guitar in it

The world has gone mad again, and Max is there to witness. We’ve got a whole new trailer for the Mad Max: Fury Road reboot coming this May 15, and it’s full of insane-looking characters, viciously modded cars, and that…Read more ›

Amazing guitar and vocal effects boxes will have you sounding like a pro

It’s hard enough to sing and play guitar at the same time, let alone manage a floor full of guitar effects pedals. Add to that trying to create vocal effects like most listeners expect and you’ve got a solo musician’s…Read more ›