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Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar? If so, then Cult of Mac Deals has got you covered. If you’re an aspiring guitar player or just want to improve your skills, look no further because for… Read more ›     

iLoud Bluetooth Guitar Speaker Rawks [Review]

iLoud byIK Multimedia Category: Speakers Works With: Anything Price: $ 300 To save time, here’s my advice: If you have an iPad or iPhone, a guitar and $ 300 to spend, then spend it on the iLoud. It’s a small, portable Bluetooth… Read more ›     

IK Multimedia is responsible for a veritable boat-load of music peripherals and apps, like the hard-rocking guitar crunch of effects app Amplitube and the portable MIDI keyboard iRig Keys. If you’re a musician interested in working with iOS devices on… Read more ›     

  I’m not a guitar amp nut; I have little appreciation for old-and-moldy audio components and purist babble (oh yes, I know! “Vacuum tubes! Blah blah blah!”) But a look at the promo video for Positive Grid’s new Bias iPad… Read more ›     

We know clothing isn’t our niche but geeks still need to look good…right? If your goal is to become the biggest rock star the galaxy has ever seen, then pay homage to the original guitar “Soloâ€-ist with this galactic t-shirt…

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CoM-guitarI spend a ton of time at the computer keyboard, typing consistently as I write post after post. But there are times when I like to get hands-on with another activity that I enjoy: playing guitar. Now I’m not that great of a guitarist (I can handle myself sitting around a campfire and have learned […]

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Tabrider, Like Guitar Hero For Real Guitars


Imagine if games like Guitar Hero weren’t just a stupid waste of drunken time but actually taught you to play the guitar instead. That way, you could actually get some benefit from the hours you pour into practicing the game.

Tabrider is that game. It’s an interactive training app which you play with your real guitar. It looks pretty neat.

The app comes pre-loaded with guitar tabs (musical notation designed for guitarists) for tons of songs, and you  [Read More...]

Tc electronic flashback 5

The Flashback looks totally old school, but totally isn’t.

TC Electronic’s Flashback guitar pedal ($ 169) is a multitalented piece of gear. Its robust set of delay and loop features make it easy to get lost in hours of guitar playing, but when paired with a Mac or iOS device, it does something no other pedals can do.

The Good

Fun! Yessir, that’s what you’ll be  [Read More...]

MoForte Turns Your iPad Into A Guitar [NAMM 2013]

power chord 1 By Andy Patrizio

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Guitarists have long had the option of a wallet-sized amp with a headphone plug, so they can plug in their guitar and no one else hears them play. But what if you are stuck on a six-hour plane ride? You can’t take a nail clipper on the plane these days, let alone a guitar.

Well, if the TSA doesn’t confiscate your iPad, yo uczn  [Read More...]

There are a whole bunch of ways a guitarist can hook his axe up to his iPhone, from fancy to totally ghetto (a cable from the guitar’s jack to the iPhone’s headphone socket). IK’s new iRig HD is at the fancy end, and it even works with your brand-new iPhone’s Lightning socket.

The adapter plugs into the USB-compatible Lightning port and feeds it a digital signal from an on-board 24-bit D/A  [Read More...]