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Get certified to hack for the good guys [Deals]

With more and more personal and professional life running on the Internet, the war is heating up between those who hack these systems to exploit them and those who do it to improve them. You can join the right side of this struggle by learning “white hat” hacking and penetration testing skills, and this bundle […]

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Can’t wait for Suicide Squad? Check out the bad guys on TV

The upcoming Suicide Squad movie may be the most gritty and in your face version of the world-saving team of supervillains, but it isn’t the only one around. If you can’t wait until next year to see Task Force X…Read more ›

Beats buy brings “guys with very rare skills,” says Apple’s Tim Cook

Apple’s acquisition of Beats is official, and it’s clear that the move is more about the talent Apple is getting than anything else. After the buyout was announced this afternoon, Tim Cook explained Apple’s reasoning behind the decision. “What Beats brings to…Read more ›

Yes, These Guys Are Already In Line For The iPhone 5S And 5C

BTfWwM8IYAAaOoF.jpg-largeIf you were planning on being one of the first in line to buy the upcoming iPhone 5S or 5C, you’ve been beat. Two guys from Apple reseller Sell Your Mac showed up at the iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City this morning only to find that two other guys were already […]

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One Of The Guys That Botched Apple Maps Got A New Job At Facebook

What's up Zuckerberg's sleeve for this Tuesday?

After being fired from his post at Apple for the Apple Maps fiasco last year, Richard Williamson has found a new home at one of tech’s other superstars – Facebook.

Richard Williamson played a key role in the development of the iPhone’s software under Steve Jobs. After working at Apple for more than a decade, Williamson was put in charge of the Apple Maps team that  [Read More…]

Apple Isn’t Buying Failed Social Network Color, They’re Just Hiring The Guys Who Made It

A flurry of rumors have surrounded the failed video app start-up Color over the past 24 hours. First a rumors hit that Color was going to completely shutdown after failing to gain widespread use after a year. A few hours later a second rumor claimed that Color wasn’t shutting down, they were just being bought by Apple.

It appears that both rumors were completely wrong and sort of right at the  [Read More…]

Mythbusters Guys to Host Steve Jobs Documentary on Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel, in conjunction with NBCs Peacock Productions, is currently working on a new documentary about the life and times of Steve Jobs. The one-hour special entitled, iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World, will be hosted byMythbustersown Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. The documentary will feature interviews with several key figures in the life of Steve Jobs, including early Apple employee Daniel Kottke, who traveled to India with Jobs in search of spiritual  [Read More…]