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‘Do One Thing’ Promotes Better Habits A Little Bit At A Time

This new self-improvement app from the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance has a simple premise: Trying to do everything is hard, but doing one thing isn’t. Sounds obvious, but what you do here is select a few habits you’d like to…Read more ›

Automatic Link Will Help Whip Your Bad Driving Habits Into Shape [Review]

Automatic Link  by Automatic Category: Auto Accessories Works With: iPhone & Android Price: $ 99.99 I’m a horrible driver. Each time a passenger gets behind the wheel with me they’re assaulted by a swirling barrage of sudden lane changes, quick breaking, faster…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Flabby Info Habits? Get On the Google Now Diet!

jellybeans (1)

I’ve decided to use Google Now exclusively for a long list of tasks. I’m calling it the Google Now Diet.

Here’s why I’m doing it. New technology is great. Trouble is, we’re all stuck with habits formed by old technology.

For example, when you want to search, what do you do? I habitually type in a search in the URL address bar or go to Google.com.

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Android and iPhone Users’ Social Media Habits

Graphs, charts, numbers and tons of other analytical devices have been used to compare the data usage of Android and iOS users before. The consensuswhile shifting back and forth between who uses moreseems to be that both use a ton of data. But, how much of that data is dedicated to social media and unsavory Facebook stalking habits? Onavo has the answer. Onavo, an App weve highlighted on the site before, helps users reduce data  [Read More…]