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iCloud hacker calls Apple’s response too little, too late

An anonymous hacker who claims to have exploited an iCloud security flaw that lets anyone unlock a lost or stolen iPhone says Apple contacted him about the matter today — but he deleted the email. “They have asked me to contact…Read more ›

Friday Deals: iLevel by Rain Design and Hacker Monthly [Deals]

We all get tired of having an aching back. Sitting hunched over your laptop puts stress on your body which can seriously cramp your style. It’s time to sit back and relax because Rain Design’s iLevel will take the physical…Read more ›

Tuesday Deals: The Full Stack Hacker Bundle and Antec Bluetooth Speaker [Deals]

Cult of Mac Deals prides itself on delivering the best value in both quality products and top-notch resources that will help you take your skills to new heights. The offer we present to you today is no exception. We’ve put…Read more ›

How hacker game Watch Dogs sucks mobile players into its trippy console world

Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs console game is hoping to upend the traditional boundaries between single- and multi-player gaming, allowing you to hack into other players’ games on the fly, earning experience and renown points which you can then use to…Read more ›

After Doing “Insane Things With iOS,” Jailbreak Hacker Winocm Joins Apple

Well-known jailbreaker “winocm“ announced today that he will be taking a job at Apple later this year. When reached for comment, the 17-year-old hacker declined to elaborate on what his new role at Apple will entail. He also declined to provide…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Get A Three Year Digital Subscription Of Hacker Monthly For The Price Of One [Deals]

Paper is quickly becoming a thing of the past, so we’re offering you a three year digital subscription of Hacker Monthly that you can enjoy on any device you want (PDF, MOBI, EPUB format), DRM-Free for the price of just…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Hacker Magic Allows iOS Core To Run On Nokia N900

When you look at iOS, you’re looking at a user interface more than an operating system. Beneath the animations, transparencies and rounded-corner icons is the core of the operating system… basically, a bunch of ASCII text, similar to a Terminal…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Hacker Who Stole 114K Emails From AT&T iPad Owners Appeals Conviction

Andrew “Weev” AuernheimerAndrew “Weev” Auernheimer, one of the hackers responsible for exploiting a security flaw in AT&T’s website to steal over 110,000 email addresses from iPad subscribers, has appealed the 41-month sentence that was handed to him back in March. Auernheimer still maintains that he did not violate any laws when he accessed AT&T’s servers, and notes […]

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iOS Hacker P0sixninja Says His Next Project Is Amazing, Bigger Than A Jailbreak

P0sixninjaiOS hacker Joshua Hill, more commonly known as P0isxninja, has taken to Twitter to announce that “amazing things” are coming to us all soon. The details of Hill’s latest project are still a mystery, so we have no idea what he’s planning to unveil. But he says “think bigger than jailbreak.” What could be bigger than […]

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Famed Jailbreak Hacker Pod2G Hates iOS 7 So Much, He’s Ready To Switch To Android

Screen-Shot-2012-05-28-at-12.04.50-AM Famed iOS jailbreak hacker Pod2g hates the redesign of iOS 7 so much he might abandon Apple’s operating system all together… for Android.

On his official Twitter account, Pod2G — an important figure behind the past few jailbreaks, including the iOS 6 Evasi0n jailbreak — tweeted:

After a few days of iOS 7 beta 1 testing, I must admit that I am about to switch to an Android device.

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