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iOS Hacker Comex Answers Questions About JailbreakMe and His New Internship at Apple

We recently told you that famous jailbreak hacker Comex had been hired by Apple. Comex, who’s real name is Nicholas Allegra, is known for creating the easiest and most user friendly jailbreak for iOS devices called JailbreakMe. Comex was recently profiled by Forbes, but besides that one interview, he has declined to comment about the status of JailbreakMe and his new internship at Apple. Well, that is.. until now. In an  [Read More…]

Hacker: Your MacBook’s Battery Is Vulnerable To Viruses, Malware and Meltdown

Still worried about MacDefender? That’s nothing: a new security vulnerability in MacBook batteries means that it’s possible that future hackers won’t just try to steal your credit card numbers, but might actually cause your computer to meltdown instead. The vulnerability was discovered by Accuvant security researcher Charlie Miller, who says that Apple’s MacBook batteries use default passwords on their MacBooks. Why’s that a problem? Well, because the batteries use default  [Read More…]

Famous iPhone And PlayStation 3 Hacker George Hotz Spotted Coding At iOSDevCamp [PICTURE]

George Hotz, who was famous for unlocking the very first iPhone back in 2007, and remained active within the iOS hacking community ever since, was spotted at iOSDevCamp on Saturday. iOSDevCamp If you’re not aware, iOSDevCamp is a developer-oriented conference about iOS geared towards developers of the platform, set up to encourage collaborative development, where the vast majority of the time spent is dedicated to showing off code developed by attendants. As a  [Read More…]

Hacker Group Targets Apple

Recent hacking advancements by groups such as Lulz Security (LulzSec) and Anonymous have caused a lot of stir in the news around the world. Companies such as MasterCard, Sony, and others have been primary targets for the AntiSec campaign that is on the loose and the damage that has come about is drastic. Personal information is at stake along with other important documents that house plans for major company’s strategies and “next moves.” The Wall Street Journal reports that  [Read More…]