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iOS Hackers And Devs Gather For JailbreakCon 2013

JailbreakConAs the public release of iOS 7 looms, momentum behind the world of jailbreaking has stalled. There hasn’t been a big jailbreak release in months and there likely won’t be one for many months to come. But a mid-year funk hasn’t stopped talented hackers and developers from gathering yet again at JailbreakCon, the world’s only […]

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We’re living in a particularly insecure digital age right now. It seems like every other day, a major internet company is getting hacked, or having its database of user passwords liberated by groups of hackers.

It’s pretty obvious at this point that we need something better than passwords to secure us from increasingly sophisticated hackers and data thieves. Many sites are rolling out 2-Step authentication — access the site on a new  [Read More...]

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Do you use an Eye-Fi or other wireless card to send pictures from your camera to your iPhone or iPad? Or maybe you have one of those fancy cameras with built-in wifi? Well, be careful: If the card’s network isn’t locked down, then it’s as vulnerable to hacking as an unsecured home network. And depending on your setup, attackers could gain access to your camera and its photos, and even seize control  [Read More...]

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For years Apple has been playing a game of cat and mouse with jailbreakers. Apple releases a new version of iOS, hackers get busy finding security vulnerabilities to exploit, a new jailbreak comes out utilizing those hard-earned exploits, and Apple fixes the security holes in a new iOS version. The cycle has been happening for years.

A team of hackers called the Evad3rs were responsible for the  [Read More...]

iPhone Self Improvement

It’s only been a few weeks since the first lockscreen hack was discovered on iOS 6.1, but some researchers have already discovered a new way to bypass the iPhone’s lockscreen without entering the security PIN.

The bug was found in iOS 6.1 by Benjamin Kunx Mejri, and it follows some of the steps as the last exploit but has some variation in the steps, and it allows an attacker to access  [Read More...]


According to a tweet sent out by Reuters, Apple says it was attacked by a group of hackers who infected a small number of its Mac computers.

Apple says it was attacked by the same group that hit Facebook and other companies, but there is no evidence that any data left Apple. The company is working with law enforcement to identify the hackers.

Details on the story are still developing. Information will  [Read More...]

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The heat shield is off and the supersonic parachute is deployed – this episode of the CultCast is ready for touchdown!

On this new ep., we ponder the Mars Curiosity Rover, and how a team full of Mac users landed it safely on another world.

Then, let us regale you with the tale of how one very well-known tech writer got all his devices erased when hackers stole his Apple ID.  [Read More...]

JailbreakConIt’s a great time for jailbreakers. With iOS 6 and the next iPhone right around the corner, it’s never been a more exciting time to for the iOS jailbreak community. If you’re into jailbreaking, you’ll be pleased to know that the world’s first jailbreak convention is headed to San Francisco, California this September, and I’ll [...]

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Apple will be rubbing elbows with the world’s elite hackers and security gurus later this week.

For a company that has written off trade shows like Macworld, it’s interesting that Apple will be officially attending the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas this Thursday. What’s even more interesting is that the conference is devoted to the hacking and security research community, a demographic Apple has always given little public attention to. Under  [Read More...]