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Run MacOS Mojave on Hackintosh Intel PCs with Unibeast

If you’re a Hackintosh PC user, you may appreciate knowing that Unibeast now allows you to install and run MacOS Mojave on supported Intel PC hardware. Like all else involved in the Hackintosh process, this is for advanced users, as unofficially installing MacOS system software onto select supported generic Intel PC hardware is not necessarily … Read More

ICYMI: Build a hot gaming hackintosh on the cheap

This week, let’s build ourselves one hot gaming rig on the cheap. And, while we’re at it, let’s fix those annoying phone calls through to our Macs and iPads, check out a gift guide for cool creatives, and dirty secrets…Read more ›

How to build a gaming Hackintosh on the cheap: software

My mission to build a powerful gaming Hackintosh for $ 650 — $ 50 less than Apple’s midrange Mac mini — is almost complete. In Part 1 of this guide, I covered the components I purchased for my build and recommended extras…Read more ›

How to build a gaming Hackintosh on the cheap: hardware

I recently decided it was time to get a proper desktop computer. I needed it predominantly for work, but I wanted it to be powerful enough to play the latest games in 1080p without worrying about stuttering or terrible frame…Read more ›

State of the Hackintosh 2014: A peek into a shadowy subculture of Apple fans

These are the computers Apple never built, and never will — a water-cooled Cube; a teeny-tiny G5; a faux Mac Pro in a trash can. Oh wait. Apple did the trash can, but not a genuine rubbish bin with a…Read more ›

Mac Setups: The Hackintosh of a Student & Programmer

This weeks featured Mac setup comes from Andrew T., a student and programmer. As for the setup itself, it’s a bit unorthodox… because it’s a Hackintosh! For those who are less familiar with the concept of a Hackintosh, it’s an unofficial and unsupported Mac built using traditional PC components that runs OS X. Aside from … Read More

This Mac Pro Hackintosh Was Made From An Actual Trash Can [Gallery]

While few of us would say its design belongs inside of one, one of the most common jokes about the new Mac Pro’s stealth engine looks is to say it looks exactly like a trash can. That got one German…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Mac Setups: Audio Production Hackintosh with Triple Displays

Hackintosh setup of an Audio Producer

This weeks awesome Mac setup comes to us from Gil P., it’s used primarily for audio production, and as you’ll see it’s quite a whopper with some amazing hardware with perhaps a tad bit of cheating because the desktop Mac is actually a custom built Hackintosh that dual boots OS X and Windows 7! Everything from left to right (including the beta fish tank):

MacBook  [Read More…]

Create A PC Hackintosh Running OS X Mountain Lion With The New UniBeast Tool

Creepy Mountain Lion hugging a flash drive? Uh… ok.

OS X is designed to run seamlessly on Mac hardware, but did you know that you can actually install Apple’s desktop operating system on a Windows PC and make what’s called a “Hackintosh?” Apple releasedOS X Mountain Lion in the Mac App Store last week, and it has already been downloaded 3 million times. But if you’re stuck with a PC, you can’t  [Read More…]

It Just Got Really Easy to Install Mac OS X Lion on Your Hackintosh

It just got a whole lot easier to install Lion on your hackintosh, thanks to Tonymacx86?s new UniBeast bootable USB drive utility. In case you didnt know, a hackintosh is basically a PC thats been modified to run OS X, and some people create pretty sweet hackintosh setups for half the price of an Apple-branded equivalent. UniBeast is a new tool that makes it easy to install Apples  [Read More…]