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Bikepod, A Stylish Handlebar Mount For iPhone And Other Cameras

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Sometimes, you really need to make an important Skype call when you’re on the go. Or you want to use your bike as a giant (and slightly unwieldy) “tripod” for your camera. At these times, what you need is Photojojo’s Bikepod

The aluminum and cork clamp looks good enough to leave on your bike all the time, even a vintage, lugged-steel framed racing bike. But of course that would be a bad idea, and  [Read More…]

An iPad Handlebar Mount You Can Actually, Like, Buy

Oh man, this iPad mount is either a fantastic idea, or a lawsuit waiting to happen: you decide. It’s called the BiKASE and it mounts your iPad onto the handlebars of your bike.

Some of you my remember my attemtps to build a DIY iPad bike-handlebar mount. I have since used it on a few tours, and it works great.

The problem is that the iPad just isn’t suited to the task. Inside the case,  [Read More…]

Make An iPad Bike Handlebar Mount [How-To]

Safe, snug and probably a little dorky: My homemade iPad bike mount. Photo Charlie Sorrel CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

The iPhone makes a wonderful bike computer. It�s tough, comes with great GPS and can be loaded with zillions of navigation and fitness apps. It also enjoys a wide range of ready-made handlebar mounts. But the iPad, possibly even more useful as a map thanks to its large screen and crazy-long battery life,  [Read More…]