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Handmade Leather iPhone Wallet Packs A Paper Notebook

This is theGOODbook. It is a book, and it is very, very good. It’s so hot that even though I’m a dedicated non-user of cases, I have the product page primed and ready to place my order.

The case is from Portland, Oregon, the home of bikes, beer and beards. It comes in black, or the incredible Saddle Tan colorway seen here, and has space not only for your iPhone but also for your credit cards,  [Read More…]

Etsy For iOS Makes Your Hand-Made Christmas Shopping Easy [Review]

They made you an Etsy for your iPad

New on the store this week is Etsy for iOS, and it’s beautifully done. Taking cues from apps like Flipboard and sites like Pinterest, Etsy is an exceptionally neat way of browsing and buying from the site that’s full of interesting hand-made things.

One delightful first impression is that there’s no requirement to sign up for an account if all you want to do  [Read More…]

This Handmade iPhone 5 Sleeve Is Stronger Than It Looks, And Super Cheap [Review]

From the guys at MyBanana, this iPhone 5 sleeve is handmade in Israel from soft wool felt that’s designed to protect your handset while “keeping it fashionable and stylish.” Not only does it house your iPhone, but there’s also a handy pocket that’ll hold onto your credit cards and cash.

It’s priced at just £15 (about $ 24) and comes in grey and black, grey and magenta, and grey and turquoise. It’s  [Read More…]