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Gesture tech will bring hands-free control to your phone

You taking a selfie and a dolphin hunting for prey don’t seem to have much in common. But what if you could operate your smartphone with signals similar to the ones dolphins use to find food? Elliptic Labs, which has…

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Activate Siri With Only Your Voice for a True Hands-Free Experience

Siri got a magnificent boost in iOS 8 with faster understanding and greatly improved comprehension, but a lesser obvious option was also added; the ability to summon Siri with just your voice. With this feature enabled, Siri will be actively listening and waiting for your commands, but only whenever the iPhone or iPad is connected … Read More

Clever app turns iPhone 6 charger into hands-free panorama machine

When Tim Cook unveiled the gorgeously curved edges of the iPhone 6, I thought apps that use the iPhone 5/5s’ flat edges to create hands-free 360° panoramic photos and video, would quickly sink into the App Store abyss, but the…

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The Invisible Bluetooth Headset: Go hands-free with style [Deals]

Everyone is always looking for a way to be more productive. The Invisible Bluetooth Headset frees up your hands so you can start multitasking without a hitch. The Invisible Bluetooth Headset is super lightweight and fits comfortably in your ear.…

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Go Hands-Free On A Budget With The Universal Car Mount [Deals]

We’re all guilty of it: the “cellphone-in-the-lap” move while driving. Whether we’re reading directions, sending a text, or talking on speakerphone, we’ve all used our cellphoens in the wrong place (the vehicle) and at the wrong time (while we’re driving…

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KUBI: The Web-Controlled Stand For Hands-Free Video Chats [Deals]


If you’ve been looking for an innovative and versatile stand for your tablet, then look no further because Cult of Mac Deals has a great offer lined up for you. It’s called KUBI.

The KUBI has two things really going for it right off the bat: a quality design and an amazing user experience. It allows you to connect with anyone via video conferencing and it also gives you the  [Read More…]

New Ford Feature Lets Drivers Broadcast Their Real-Time Positions, Hands-Free [CES 2013]


image courtesy of Ford.

CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – By now it should be obvious to anyone that doing pretty much anything besides actually driving while driving is inherently dangerous — more so when a hand is taken off the wheel, and even more so when focus is split between driving and a phone screen.

Luckily, we’re getting closer to the point where a  [Read More…]

Use Talkler For Hands-Free, Eyes-Up Email Access

Hey, Talkler!

Ever wanted to check your email in your car, or while cooking? Running? Eating? Now you can with Talkler, a new app from Talkler Labs LLC. Talkler is out now in the App Store, ready to get you checking and sending email without using your hands or even your eyes.

All you need to do once you’ve installed the app is say, “Hey Talkler,” and you’ll be able to listen  [Read More…]

Hands-Free Control: Control Siri/Voice Control Without Using Your Hands

Remember how you used to have to hold down the home button to activate voice control or Siri?

Brock Haymond is the developer behind this awesome new Cydia tweak called Hands-Free Control. It allows you to activate voice control or Siri using your voice instead of having hold down the dreaded home button. Once installed, the tweak allows you so say, “Siri.” No matter what device you are on (voice control device, or Siri device), saying,  [Read More…]