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Wally Turns Your iPhone Into A Handsome Leather Wallet

Remember the Wally iPhone wallet? It was Kickstarted back in the misty far-off days of February, and is now a fully-available product that you can, like, buy. Don’t remember it? Then let me jog your memory: The Wally is a minimal and lightweight leather wallet that sticks to the back of your iPhone using hi-tech future adhesives. And the good news is that it’s currently shipping at 20% off – just  [Read More…]

Mac-Matching Speakers Handsome Enough To Clear Your Desk For

I’m pretty sure I have some speakers on my desk. I say “pretty sure” because, while I can hear them loud and clear, I haven’t been able to see them amongst the clutter for many months now. I’m just terrified of unplugging the little cable from my MacBook’s jack socket in case I can never listen to music again. Not that I can find my MacBook either.

But the UCubes might be the answer. First,  [Read More…]

Neat USB Hub Almost As Handsome As Your MacBook

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In the age of tiny, efficient Thunderbolt and Lightning ports, stuffing a full-sized USB plug into a Mac now seems so very very old fashioned. Still, USB is still the oversized and awkward norm, and stuff them into our Macs we must.

Which is where Satechi’s “Premium 4-Port Aluminum USB 2.0 Hub” comes in.

The non-powered hub gives you four ports, angled up for easy access. The styling is clearly inspired by Apple’s Magic  [Read More…]

Incase’s Pathway Bags Are As Ruggedly Handsome As George Clooney



If you were to ask me what my ideal Christmas morning looked like, then the photograph above is a pretty good answer. I have a thing for bags, cases and sleeves of all kinds, and these leather and cotton twill Pathway bags from Incase make for a compelling range. The only problem is choosing which one you want.

The cases and bags run from $ 60 for the sleeve up to  [Read More…]