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Google Maps shows you where Batman hangs his cape

Google Maps has rolled out something special for the premiere of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice this weekend: You can take a stroll around the film versions of Bruce Wayne’s house and Batman’s lair through Street View. The tour contains a lot of surprises for long-time Batfans who have been keeping cold on the […]

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Vivitar Hangs Hopes On ‘Smart Lens’ For iPhone

  The new bandwagon onto which camera makers can desperately throw themselves in the hopes of saving their low-end camera sales is “smart lenses,” like Vivitar’s new Vivicam IU680. These are in fact just cameras, only they look like lenses…Read more ›    [Read More…]

SideCar Hangs Your iPad From Your MacBook Screen

f6e5cd9c8c153413243f5ccfa8fc0c76_largeThe SideCar is a lump of silicone that’ll let you use a dual-monitor setup even when you’re on a plane. It’s a simple connector that hangs your iPad off the side of your MacBook screen, either just to keep it handy, or to use as a second monitor using one of many screen-spanning apps in […]

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Capture Camera Clip v2 Hangs Your Camera From Your Backpack Straps, Belt, Anywhere

If you’re already wearing a backpack, then the best place to hang your camera might be from one of its straps. That’s the idea behind the Capture Camera Clip v2, a follow up to the runaway success that was the Capture Camera Clip. V2 is everything you’d expect in a second-gen product. It’s lighter, slimmer, […]

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Nomad Is A Stubby Lightning Cable That Hangs Off Your Keychanin

1372150216.jpgOne of the unsung advantages of the iPhone’s crazy popularity is that you can almost always find a charger for it, whether from the lost property box at a hotel or from the guy at the next desk in your office. But now that Lightning exists, things are more complicated, and a lot of the […]

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Spider Holster Lens Pouch Hangs Off Your Belt Like A Dead Penguin

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl4Xz9KI7r8?rel=0&w=640&h=360]

I no longer have to bother with the swapping of lenses since I traded in a box of the things for the fixed-lens Fujifilm X100S, but when I did I found that I never had enough hands to do it (for the record, I have the usual number of hands: two). If I’d been desperate enough, then, I might just have opted for the Spider Holster Large Pro Lens Pouch, a dork-tastic accessory which is nonetheless very practical.  [Read More…]

Spider Monkey Holster Hangs Almost Anything From Your Belt

Fact: wearing accessories and gadgets on your belt makes you look super cool – just like Batman. So if you buy a few Spider Monkeys, then your utility-belt cool-factor will shoot through the roof so fast that you’ll be sweeping up broken shingles for weeks.

The Spider Monkey comes from the folks who make the camera-holding Spider Holster, and it works with pretty much anything that isn’t a camera.

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What It Looks Like When Steve Jobs Hangs Out With His Mini Steve Clone [Image]

Remember that freakishly realistic Steve Jobs action figure we showed you folks earlier this month? Well Legend Toys decided that Mini Steve was getting a little lonely, so they scheduled a play-date for him and an even bigger Steve Jobs doll.

Madame Tussauds’ Steve Jobs wax figure is finally complete, so the creators of the newest Steve Jobs action figure decided the two fake Jobses needed to meet up. We have no  [Read More…]

Idiocy Or Genius? Girl Hangs Her iPad 2 From Its Smart Cover During Subway Commute [Photo]

As a person who frequently hangs his iPad 2 by the Smart Cover from the fridge while Im cooking, my vote was going to be genius until I thought of exactly how quickly it would take a subway thief to just snag the iPad 2 off the bar on their way out the door. What do you think? [via MIC Gadget]