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What will happen to an iPad dropped from 100,000 Feet from space?

I wonder what would happen if the device was dropped from the height of the iPad 18 miles? In an exciting experience for a number of technology enthusiasts, they sent the iPad device, which proved to be a camera on board the balloon to rise 18 thousand miles, which is equivalent to 4 times the height of Mount Everest. And when it fell and hit the land, was still intact and working, according to the video network ITN. The Video  [Read More…]

What Would Happen If Samsung Just Stopped Making Parts For The iPhone?

It�s unlikely that Samsung would just suddenly stop making components for Apple with no notice � for one thing, it�s probable that air-tight product contracts are in place that would prevent Samsung from doing just that � but let�s get hypothetical: what would happen if Cupertino�s legal campaign resulted in Samsung just taking all of its silicon and going home?

Short answer: it wouldn�t be pretty.


A solid chunk of  [Read More…]