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Visualizing the Mac Startup Process: What Happens When a Mac Boots?

Have you ever wanted to know what’s going on when you startup a modern Mac? You press the power button, you see an Apple logo, and the Mac boots up into MacOS… from the average user perspective it’s about that simple, right? But what is actually happening behind the scenes after you press that power … Read More

This is what happens when Newt Gingrich asks the Internet for help

Former House Speaker and architect of the “Contract with America” Newt Gingrich has joined Mashable as a tech blogger. You did not misread that. The new reviewer took to Twitter this evening to ask for some suggestions for his upcoming…Read more ›

Watch what happens when iPhone 6 meets a bath of hot ice

One day someone is going to come along and write a paper on the psychology of tech fans who will queue up for hours to get the latest smartphone, and then log onto the Internet to watch it getting destroyed. When…Read more ›

Watch what happens when an iPhone 6 meets an angle grinder

The whole Bendgate incident prompted Apple to release some details about its own internal stress-testing policies for new iPhones. It’s unlikely that anyone at Cupertino carries out iPhone stress-testing quite to the degree of YouTube user TechRax, however. Masquerading as a…Read more ›

See what happens when you stuff a Mac Pro with C4

  How much C4 can you stuff in a Mac Pro? That not a question most Mac Pro owners grapple with but the guys at RatedRR aren’t your average Apple fanboys. In their latest series of Apple destruction videos they’ve…Read more ›

Watch what happens when an iMac meets a WWII anti-tank rifle

Sometimes, not very often, old technology beats the heck out of new technology. Okay, so it’s not an entirely fair test to base technological superiority on who comes out intact in a confrontation between a present generation iMac and a…Read more ›

What Happens To Your Old iPhone When You Sell It To Gazelle

When you sell your old iPhone to a third-party, what happens to it? It enters a thriving third-party marketplace in China, where it is restored to almost new and sold in gray and emerging markets. Weird! According to a report…Read more ›    [Read More…]

What Happens When You Reach Level 999 In Flappy Bird

A lot of the artistic assets of Flappy Bird were ripped pretty much wholesale from Super Mario Bros.. So what happens when you beat Flappy Bird? Do you face Bowser? As this parody video show, it’s not the King of…Read more ›    [Read More…]

This Video Shows What Happens When True Apple Fans Watch The Latest Keynote [Humor]

Ever wonder what’s happening during Cult of Mac’s live blogs of Apple keynote events? Here you go, courtesy of our invisible documentary videographers at Vooza.    

What Happens To My Camera’s Photos When I Transfer Them To My iPad? [CoM Q&A]

  Cult of Mac reader Christian Kos wrote to ask a couple of questions about shooting photos on a camera and importing them to the iPad using the camera connection kit. Specifically, he wanted to know If there was any…Read more ›    [Read More…]