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Happy holidays from Cult of Mac!

Happy holidays everyone, however you celebrate it: Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, kickin’ Kwanzaa and a tipsy New Year! We trust you’re in the company of family and friends, stuffing your faces and giving and receiving in the best spirit of…Read more ›

Pegatron insists it does all it can to keep workers happy

Whatever your thoughts on last week’s BBC documentary about the poor worker conditions in factories producing the iPhone, there’s no doubt that it’s brought the topic back into widespread circulation. Unlike the majority of previous reports, this time the target wasn’t…Read more ›

Happy birthday, Woz: Apple’s co-founder turns 64 today

Apple’s beloved co-founder Steve Wozniak turns 64 years old today. Steve Jobs may be the most admired figure to come out of Apple, but with his imperious distance from us mere mortals, he was hard to love. Wozniak, on the other…Read more ›

Shiny, happy shooter game will ruin your cool by level 3

Lovely Planet is a twee little game for your Mac (or Linux/Windows box) that distills the essentials of the first-person shooter genre down to the basics: shoot, jump, run. You’ll do this, over and over, across five distinct worlds and…Read more ›

Make your Mac smile with The Happy Mac Bundle [Deals]

Cult of Mac Deals has a ton of stellar promotions to offer, and this time around we’re highlighting a bundle that features 10 top apps that will make your Mac happy. We’re pumped to bring you another The Happy Mac…Read more ›

Happy Birthday, iPad. Four And All Grown Up

The iPad is four years old today and my mom hates it. Maybe not hate. Dislikes. Loathes. I don’t know the right word but for two weeks it sat in Apple’s pristine white box, unwrapped, unlocked, setup and then discarded;…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Mac OS X Became A Teenager Today… Happy Birthday!

Yup. Thirteen years ago today, on March 24, 2001, Apple and Steve Jobs unleashed the first version of Mac OS X 10.0 (code named ‘Cheetah’) on to the world. Despite officially being a teenager, OS X is holding up better…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Double Dragon Trilogy Returns You To A Time When Games Didn’t Care If You Were Happy [Review]

I’m old, so I remember playing the original Double Dragon on a decrepit arcade cabinet at Showbiz Pizza while the Rock-afire Explosion played and lurched in its creeepy, mechanical way in the next room and I just paid attention to…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Division Cell Wants You To Make Some Miserable Shapes Happy [Review]

We all aspire to be more than we are, to mold ourselves into our own perfect forms and escape the limits thrust upon us by circumstance or luck. But we can’t always do it on our own. Sometimes, we need…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Japan’s Largest Carrier Happy Without iPhone, Says Androids Are Just As Good

iPhone-iOS-7-vs-Android-HTC-OneWhile the iPhone has been slowly making its way to carriers all over the world since its release in 2007, there are still a number of major operators that are yet to offer it. One of those is China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier with over 800 million subscribers; and another is DoCoMo, a Japanese […]

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